Office Bökingharde

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Location of the former office of Bökingharde in the district of North Friesland

The office Bökingharde was an office in the district of North Friesland , Schleswig-Holstein . It covered about 137  km² with about 5700 inhabitants in the four communities Dagebüll , Galmsbüll , Risum-Lindholm and Stedesand . The administrative seat was in the municipality of Risum-Lindholm.

The office is named after the Bökingharde , a lower administrative district in the Duchy of Schleswig .


In 1967 the office Bökingharde was formed from the municipalities of the dissolved offices Dagebüll , Fahretoft and Lindholm . The office initially consisted of twelve parishes:

  1. Christian-Albrechts-Koog
  2. Dagebüll
  3. Drive often
  4. Juliane-Marienkoog
  5. Kleiseerkoog
  6. Lindholm
  1. Marienkoog
  2. Risum
  3. Stedesand
  4. Störtewerkerkoog
  5. Waygaard
  6. Wester Schnatebüll

On December 31, 1969 Risum and Lindholm merged to form Risum-Lindholm and in 1974 Christian-Albrechts-Koog, Kleiseerkoog and Marienkoog to form the municipality of Galmsbüll. Also in 1974 Störtewerkoog and Wester-Schnatebüll were incorporated into Stedesand and in 1978 Fahretoft, Juliane-Marienkoog and Waygaard were incorporated into Dagebüll.

On January 1, 2008 the office merged with the city of Niebüll , the municipality of Leck and the offices of Karrharde , Süderlügum and Wiedingharde to form the new office in Südtondern , based in Niebüll.