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Pietro Cardinal La Fontaine (1922)

Pietro Cardinal La Fontaine (* 29. November 1860 in Viterbo , Papal States ; † 9 July 1935 in Villa Fietta ) was Archbishop and Patriarch of Venice .


Pietro La Fontaine received the sacrament of ordination on December 22nd, 1883 after years of study in the seminary of Viterbo . From 1883 to 1905 he worked as a parish priest , professor of literature , biblical theology , law and church history at the diocesan seminary . In 1905 he became cathedral chapter in Viterbo.

On December 6, 1906 appointed him Pope Pius X to the Bishop of Cassano all'Jonio . He received his episcopal ordination on December 23rd of the same year by the Vicar General of Rome , Cardinal Pietro Respighi ; Co- consecrators were Antonio Maria Grasselli , Archbishop ad personam and Bishop of Viterbo e Tuscania , and Raffaele Virili , Titular Bishop of Troas . In 1907 the Pope appointed him Apostolic Visitator of the seminaries of Calabria , in 1908 Vicar of the Lateran Basilica . In 1909 he became an advisor to the Commission for the Codex Iuris Canonici . From 1910 Pietro La Fontaine worked as secretary of the Congregation for Rites and was appointed titular bishop of Carystus . On March 5, 1915, Pope Benedict XV called him . to the Patriarch of Venice . One year, on December 4, 1916, he accepted him as a cardinal priest with the titular church Santi Nereo e Achilleo in the cardinals college , but he moved in 1921 to the titular church Santi XII Apostoli . Pietro La Fontaine represented the Pope as papal legate at several celebrations in Italy and abroad, including at four Eucharistic Congresses between 1923 and 1933. He also took part in the 1922 conclave that Pius XI. elected to the Pope.

Pietro La Fontaine died on July 9, 1935 in Villa Fietta and was buried in the Votive Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Venice, which he had built himself. In 1959 his bones were transferred to the Venice Cathedral .

The beatification process for Pietro La Fontaine began in 1973.


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