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Andreas Andresen

Andreas Andresen (born November 14, 1828 in Loit ; † May 1, 1871 in Leipzig ) was a German art historian and art dealer specializing in engraving .


Andresen was born in Loit, Schleswig-Holstein, in the fishing region and studied in Kiel , Berlin , Bonn and Munich . He volunteered in 1848 to take part in the Schleswig-Holstein uprising against Denmark . In 1857 he was appointed to the Germanic Museum in Nuremberg by Hans von und zu Aufseß , where he worked until 1862. He then went to Leipzig to “Rudolph Weigel Kunst- und Buchhandlung”, where he took over the management of Naumann's archive for the drawing arts as well as the processing of Weigel's auction catalogs. After Weigel's death, he took over the management of the art and bookstore in October 1867 and became its owner on January 1, 1870. But he died surprisingly of smallpox in 1871. He was married and had two children. His collection of engravings was auctioned in December 1873 by the "CG Börner Art Dealer". The “Rud. Weigel Kunsthandlung “was not continued.


As an author
  • Nicolaus Poussin. List of contemporary and later copperplate engravings etc. made after his paintings, published by Rudolph Weigel, Leipzig 1863.
  • The German peintre engraver or the painter as copperplate engraver from the last third of the 16th century to the end of the 18th century; following Bartsch’s Peintre-Graveur, Robert-Dumesnil's and Prosper de Baudicour's French Peintre-Graveur. 3 volumes, published by Rudolph Weigel, Leipzig 1864–1866, 5 volumes, Alexander Danz, Leipzig 1872–1878
  • The German painter's erasers of the 19th century. According to their lives and works. 4 vols., Rudolph Weigel, Leipzig 1866–70; 5th volume continued by Joseph Eduard Wessely .
As a processor
  • Joseph Heller : Handbook for copper engravers or lexicon of engravers, painter-etchers and form-cutters of all countries and schools according to their most valued works. (Third edition), TO Weigel, Leipzig 1870 ( digitized version ).


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