Antigen peptide transporter

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Antigen peptide transporter
Antigen peptide transporter
The rat ATP-binding domain of TAP1. (The two transmembrane domains have not yet crystallized.)

Existing structural data: 2XIG, 2XIF, 2XIE, 1JJ7

Mass / length primary structure 808 + 686 amino acids
Secondary to quaternary structure TAP1 + TAP2
Isoforms 1/2
Gene name (s) TAP1 , TAP2
External IDs
Transporter classification
TCDB 3.A.1.209.1
designation ABC transporter
Parent taxon Animals, mushrooms

The transporter associated with antigen processing (short TAP of transporter associated with antigen processing ) is a protein complex of two proteins , in the membrane of the endoplasmic reticulum is localized (ER), and is found in animals and fungi. TAP catalyzes the import of peptides from the cytosol into the lumen of the ER during antigen presentation . It is a transport protein from the ABC transporter family .

Structurally, the TAP protein forms a heterodimer, consisting of a transmembrane domain and a nucleotide binding domain . As part of the antigen presentation, as soon as an antigen is introduced into the ER via TAP, the peptide is stored in the peptide-binding pocket of the MHC class I complex (if it fits) and, after export from the ER, transported to the cell surface .

Mutations in TAP1 - or TAP2 - gene can BLS1 result of the immune system, a rare disorder.

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