Antun Mihanović

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Antun Mihanović

Antun Mihanović (born June 10, 1796 in Agram , † November 14, 1861 in Novi Dvori near Klanjec ) was a Croatian poet and Austrian diplomat . He wrote the text for the Croatian national anthem .

Antun Mihanović studied law at the University of Vienna until 1817 . From 1818 he worked as an auditor in Venice and Padua , from 1823 to 1836 as gubernial secretary in Fiume (Rijeka) . From 1836 to 1838 he was the first Austrian consul in Belgrade , further stations were Saloniki , Trebizond , Smyrna , Constantinople and Bucharest .

His poem under the title "Horvatska domovina" was printed in the daily Danica in 1835 , set to music by Josif Runjanin in 1846 and in 1891 for the Croatian national anthem. Mihanović also collected medieval manuscripts.


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