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Viennese apple strudel
Apple strudel in preparation in the bakery

Apple strudel is a common type of strudel . So-called strudel dough , but also puff pastry , quark dough (Austrian pot dough) and yeast dough (Austrian yeast dough) are used for the preparation. An apple strudel made from strudel dough is called "pulled apple strudel", especially if the dough has been drawn out manually into a sheet of dough. This variant is a traditional pastry and a national dish in Austria and other areas of the former Austro-Hungarian Danube Monarchy .


The abundance of apple strudel usually consists of leafy cut sweet and sour apples (removed from the core and skin) , dark raisins and breadcrumbs roasted in butter , seasoned with ground cinnamon and granulated sugar .

Apple strudel is served fresh, warm and crispy, cold or warmed up afterwards. It is often applied partially powdered with icing sugar . The apple strudel is occasionally served with vanilla sauce or with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream , but this is not the traditional way of serving in Austria.

Variants are with the addition of sliced almonds , chopped walnuts , with raisins swollen in spirits, grated lemon peel, apples marinated in lemon juice , sour cream or additionally with a milk cream and egg mixture.


The origin of the strudel dough is probably in Arabia , from where he Egypt , Palestine and Syria to the Turkey was brought. From there, after the conquest of Constantinople in 1453, the recipe , possibly further developed from Turkish baklava or a filled flatbread , reached Vienna via the Balkans . The food served as food for the march because it had a long shelf life. At the time of the Danube Monarchy, the apple strudel (Hungarian: Almásrétes) came to Vienna from Hungary . During the siege of the Turks in the 16th and 17th centuries, the Hungarians learned how to prepare wafer-thin, hand-drawn dough. Apple strudel was first mentioned in writing in 1696.


Suitable sour apple varieties are called "Strudler" at weekly markets in Austria .

The longest apple strudel in the world was baked on August 15, 2015 in Kaprun / Austria and was 752 m long.

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