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Aramon du Gard is a red wine variety .

The Aramon du Gard variety is a new breed between the hybrid Jaeger 70 cultivated by Hermann Jaeger and the Aramon grape variety. It is therefore directly related to the Flot Rouge variety . The crossing was carried out by the French breeder Albert Seibel in 1893 or 1894. Due to the influence of the parents, the hybrid vine Aramon du Gard has the genes of the wild vines Vitis vinifera , Vitis rupestris and Vitis lincecumii .

Before 1958, it was grown on almost 1098 hectares, mainly in the Gard and Hérault departments in France. However, due to the EU-wide ban on hybrid vines, it almost completely disappeared. It produces deep red red wines which, due to the lack of acidity , lack structure and therefore appear flat and of poor quality.

Together with the Seibel grape S 405, it was a cross partner of the new Rayon d'Or variety .

The early ripening and very high-yielding variety has good resistance to the vine diseases powdery mildew and downy mildew .

Synonyms: Seibel 2007 (the breed number).

Parentage: Jaeger 70 x Aramon

Ampelographic varietal characteristics

In ampelography , the habitus is described as follows:

  • The shoot tip is open. It is woolly hairy and slightly reddish in color. The young leaves are hairy and greenish in color.
  • The medium-sized leaves are almost unlapped (see also the article leaf shape ). The stalk bay is closed like a lyre. The blade is bluntly serrated. The teeth are small compared to the grape varieties.
  • The cylindrical grape is medium-sized and has loose berries. The round berries are small and black-blue in color. The grape juice is reddish in color.

The vigorous Aramon du Gard ripens about 15 days after the Gutedel and is one of the grape varieties of the middle second ripening period (see the chapter in the article Grape variety) that ripen early. The variety sprouts early and therefore does not always avoid late spring frosts.

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