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The Working Group Christians in the SPD (AKC) is an interest group within the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) . Speakers are the Bundestag member Kerstin Griese and ex-Bundestag President Wolfgang Thierse .


Since the emergence of social democracy in Germany there has been a more or less strong branch of the Christian Socialists . Independent of the party, many joined together in the Association of Religious Socialists in Germany's BRSD. The BRSD had 10,000 to 25,000 members by 1933. Politically, the supporters of the BRSD were mostly close to the SPD.

Until 2007, the AKC was a working group at the federal level as a loose association of volunteers. At first it was denominationally divided into a Protestant and a Catholic part. When the federal government moved to Berlin , it became ecumenical . At the beginning of January 2008, the AKC was officially recognized as a working group by the SPD party executive.


At their closed conference in 2008, the active members gave themselves a new structure. Once a year, an annual content-related conference with a subsequent plenary meeting is held in cooperation with the SPD parliamentary group . At the plenary meetings, a four-person spokesperson was initially elected. A six-member board, headed by two speakers, has been elected since 2014. In addition, teams and project groups are used to prepare the activities on the Church and Catholic Days. The AKC's business is managed by the Department for Churches and Religious Communities in the SPD party executive. There is also an exchange with the churches.

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