Forum Democratic Left 21

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Forum Democratic Left 21
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Chair: Hilde Mattheis
Manager: Myriam Riedel
Establishment date: June 2000
Members 1300 (September 2019)
Seat : Berlin

The Forum Democratic Left 21 ( DL 21 ) is a Berlin- based registered association that was founded in June 2000 as a group within the SPD .


The forum is the successor organization of the Frankfurter Kreis , since after the successful march through the institutions of the former 1968 a new impetus for left politics was necessary. From its founding until 2008, the chairperson of the DL 21 forum was Andrea Nahles , and the first deputy chairperson was the former spokesman for the Frankfurt district, Detlev von Larcher . The founding members also included the then Juso chairman Benjamin Mikfeld , the members of the Bundestag Konrad Gilges and Thomas Sauer as well as the state politicians Rudolf Borchert , Gernot Grumbach , Klaus Hahnzog , Joachim Schuster and Elke Seidel . In the mid-2000s, alongside Nahles, Niels Annen , Hilde Mattheis , Ernst Dieter Rossmann and the then Juso chairman Björn Böhning were among the more prominent representatives of DL 21. In 2008 Böhning also took over the chairmanship of Nahles. In 2011 he was replaced by Mattheis, who prevailed over Angela Marquardt in her election .

The association itself recruits members who finance the association's activities with their membership fees. Membership in the SPD is not a prerequisite for membership in the association. Members of the Landtag and Bundestag have to pay higher contributions. In 2008 the forum had 650 members and generated revenues of € 65,000. The association maintains regional sub-organizations in ten federal states. The association members publish in the magazine spw - magazine for socialist politics and economy . Further DL-21 publications appear in the publishing house of the same name. The group was described in a Spiegel article as a “party within the party”.

A press release by chairwoman Mattheis on the minimum wage law (“Exceptions to the minimum wage are antisocial”) led in July 2014 to the resignations of Andrea Nahles , Florian Pronold , Christine Lambrecht , Niels Annen , Angela Marquardt and Benjamin Mikfeld . The reason for leaving was not Matthei's specific statement, but the general attitude that DL 21 had adopted under their leadership and which they criticized as a fundamental opposition. Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel and the former DL-21 chairman Björn Böhning had already left the association in October 2013 , to whom Böhning attributed “a certain pleasure in defeat within the party”. The resignations were seen in press reports as a split in the left wing of the party and a loss of importance for DL ​​21.

In November 2014, the "Magdeburg Platform", named after the place where it was founded, was founded. Originally, this was intended as a new organization of the party left and a more pragmatic alternative to DL 21. In the course of the establishment, however, this became a platform for networking all SPD leftists. Accordingly, the forum is an equal part of the new common platform.

In the course of the discussion about re-joining the grand coalition in 2017 and 2018, the number of members of the forum rose by more than 30 percent. In September 2019 it had around 1,300 members, including around 30 people with mandates or with government responsibility.

tasks and goals

The statutes of the Forum DL 21 association define its purpose as promoting “[the] idea of ​​equality [s] and international [r] sentiments , [the] tolerance in all areas of culture and [the] striving for international understanding and peace in of the world ”on the basis of the basic values ​​of democratic socialism - freedom , justice and solidarity . For this purpose, the association supports the creation of the scientific and social basis for ensuring that “in the sense of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany and international human rights, all people can live peacefully together and unfreedom and strife can be overcome”. In particular, it promotes social science work, scientific and educational events and educational measures.


Chairwoman of the board of directors elected on June 29, 2019 is Hilde Mattheis . Your deputies are Dietmar Köster , Knut Lambertin, Lino Leudesdorff and Ülker Radziwill and the treasurer is Ulrike Breth. Board members are Anne Claßen, Alf-Tomas Epstein, Jana Herrmann, Dierk Hirschel, Steve Hudson , Cansel Kiziltepe , Christian Kleiminger , Anja König, Ursula Meurer , Mark Rackles , Max Reinhardt, Hauke ​​Schmiegel, Stefan Stache, Josephin Tischner, Ann- Kathrin Zierau and Burkhard Zimmermann.

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