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Arthur Franz Eduard Ungnad (born August 3, 1879 in Magdeburg , † April 26, 1947 in Falkensee ) was a German Semitist and ancient orientalist .


Ungnad studied Assyriology with Heinrich Zimmer and Friedrich Delitzsch and received his doctorate in Berlin in 1903 with a thesis on the syntax of Hammurapi's laws. He then continued his work as an assistant at the Near Eastern Department of the Royal Museums in Berlin. In 1909 he accepted an appointment as associate professor for oriental languages ​​at the University of Jena and, as the successor to Karl Vollers, was also director of the Oriental Coin Cabinet in Jena . In 1913 he became a full professor at the University of Pennsylvania . In 1919 Ungnad was appointed full professor at the University of Greifswald and in 1921 at the University of Breslau . In 1930 he retired.

His main interest was the Assyrians and Babylonians , especially their religious texts. He was one of the editors of the collection of ancient Near Eastern texts and images on the Old Testament (together with Erich Ebeling , Hugo Gressmann and Hermann Ranke ). He transmitted the Gilgamesh epic and edited a text edition of the Elephantine papyri . Since 1900 he developed his Pan-Subaraic theory, according to which Subaraeans were not only the founders of the Assyrian Empire , but had lived in the entire area between Anatolia and Egypt.



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