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August Anschütz (born January 9, 1826 in Suhl , † August 2, 1874 in Bad Soden ) was a German legal scholar.

August Anschütz


The son of the Suhl gun dealer Friedrich Christian Anschütz (1790–1832) and his wife Friederike Wilhelmine († 1826), daughter of the Suhl gun manufacturer Johann Heinrich Spangenberg, were housed with relatives after the early death of his parents and attended the Pforta state school . He then began studying law at the University of Bonn and Berlin . During his studies in 1844 he became a member of the Fridericia Bonn fraternity .

After 1848 at the University of Heidelberg a doctorate in law doctorate was, he completed a scholarly journey that took him to the French universities. After returning to Germany, he completed his habilitation in French and German law at the University of Bonn in 1851 . In 1855 he became associate professor in Bonn and in 1859 full professor of German law at the University of Greifswald . From 1862 he was a full professor at the University of Halle , where he gave lectures on German private law , German legal history , commercial law , agricultural law and constitutional law . In 1865 he married Anna Volkmann, the daughter of the Halle anatomist and physiologist Alfred Wilhelm Volkmann and sister of the surgeon Richard von Volkmann-Leander, who also later taught at the alma mater hallensis .

He had also participated in the organizational tasks of the Halle University and was rector of the Alma Mater in 1872/73 . Anschütz had suffered from a breast ailment and therefore went to Bad Soden for a cure, where he died. In addition to his successful teaching activity, he developed one as a writer. He published the 5th edition of Karl Salomo Zachariae 's Handbook of French Civil Law (Heidelberg 1853). From 1864 he was co-editor of the Archives for Civilist Practice ; Participates in the Critical Review, Volumes IV, VI, in the Critical Quarterly Review for Legislation and Jurisprudence , Volumes I, II, VI, as well as Goldschmidt's magazine for traditional commercial law.

From his two sons, from his marriage to Anna († 1901), the daughter of the physician Alfred Wilhelm Volkmann , in 1865 , Gerhard Anschütz had also gained importance as a lawyer.


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