Spread out house porling

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Spread out house porling
Class : Agaricomycetes
Subclass : insecure position (incertae sedis)
Order : Stalk porlings (Polyporales)
Family : Tree spongy relatives (Fomitopsidaceae)
Genre : Donkioporia
Type : Spread out house porling
Scientific name
Donkioporia expansa
( Desm. ) Kotl. & Pouzar

The spread house sporling ( Donkioporia expansa , also called "oak sparling ") is a wood-destroying fungus . As a white rot pathogen , it primarily breaks down the lignin content of the affected wood, thereby lightening, softening and finally a fibrous dissolution of the wood structure. For its development, the spreading house porling is dependent on high moisture levels in the wood , so that infestation is usually limited to areas that are heavily damp.

The outdated name "Eichenporling" stems from the fact that the first discoveries of this fungus were made on oak , but it is misleading, as other hardwoods and conifers are also attacked.



The surface mycelium is mostly between the substrate and the fruiting body , it is flat, firmly adhering and varies in color from white to cream to ocher brown. At times, strong mycelial pads are formed which, because of their tough, elastic consistency, can easily be confused with foam plastic materials. Since the fruit bodies are usually formed at the same time as the mycelium, a determination according to this is possible.

Fruiting bodies

The fruiting bodies are brown in color and usually cover the wood surface with flat tubular layers, which can be one or more layers. Occasionally, console-shaped fruit bodies are also formed.

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