Stem porlings

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Stem porlings
Shiny Lackporling (Ganoderma lucidum)

Shiny Lackporling ( Ganoderma lucidum )

Sub-kingdom : Dikarya
Department : Stand mushrooms (Basidiomycota)
Subdivision : Agaricomycotina
Class : Agaricomycetes
Subclass : insecure position (incertae sedis)
Order : Stem porlings
Scientific name

The stem porlings (Polyporales) are an order of large mushrooms from the class Agaricomycetes . In the past, they were referred to as non-leaf mushrooms (Aphyllophorales) with the sting, club and groin mushrooms as well as all forms of crust-like (= resupinate) bark mushrooms. This classification is not out of date, because the taxon as polyphyletisch has proven.

The stalk porlings often grow on wood and form fruiting bodies , which usually consist of consoles or several hats without a handle. The fruit layer and the flesh often consist of several types of hyphae . If only generative hyphae occur, the tissue is monomitic. However, skeletal hyphae and connective hyphae can also occur. Then the trama is dimitic or trimitic. The appearance of the last two types of hyphae causes the hardness and tenacity of the fruiting bodies. Some stem porlings grow for several years and all year round, provided that there is no frost.

Most of the fruiting bodies develop gymnocarp, the basidia therefore always lie open on the surface of the hymenium during their development and are never covered by the fruiting body wall or a covering (velum).


The following system is largely based on the Dictionary of the Fungi (see below under "Literature")

Order: stem porlings (Polyporales)

  • Family: wax skin relatives (Xenasmataceae)


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