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Axel Kleemann (2008)

Axel Kleemann (born September 3, 1940 in Frankfurt am Main ) is a German chemist and manager .


Kleemann studied chemistry at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. He completed his diploma thesis in 1965 with Walter Ried , as did his doctoral thesis on the synthesis of hydroxy indoles . This work can be assigned to preparative organic chemistry. Kleemann began his industrial career in 1968 as a laboratory chemist in organic-chemical research at Degussa AG in Hanau-Wolfgang. At Chemiewerk Homburg (subsidiary of Degussa AG) he was in charge of chemical research before he became director of the Degussa Group's central organic chemical research (sponsored by Wilhelm Schuler ). Until 1987, Axel Kleemann headed pharmaceutical research and development in the pharmaceutical division of Degussa AG. From 1987 to 2000 he was a board member of ASTA Medica AG with responsibility for research, development, production, technology, quality assurance, drug safety and environmental protection. Since 1998, Axel Kleemann has held numerous positions as a member of the supervisory board, scientific advisory board or board member in domestic and foreign companies in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. These include u. a. ChemCon GmbH (Freiburg), probiodrug GmbH (Halle), Girindus AG (Bensberg), Combinature Biopharm GmbH (Berlin), Protagen AG (Dortmund), IonGate Biosciences GmbH (Frankfurt / M.), Biofrontera AG (Leverkusen), PolyAn GmbH ( Berlin), Wilex AG (Munich), Chemagis Germany GmbH (Wiesbaden), Arpida AG (Reinach, Switzerland), Nimbus GmbH (Leipzig) and Aquapharm Biodiscovery Ltd. (Oban, Argyll, UK).

Axel Kleemann had a teaching position at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University and was appointed honorary professor there in 1987 .

Kleemann held numerous honorary positions, a. a. as chairman of the supervisory board of the Society for Biotechnological Research , the editorial board of Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry , member of the board of trustees of the journal Angewandte Chemie (journal) and on the boards of the Society of German Chemists , the Society for Chemical Technology and Biotechnology ( DECHEMA ), the German Pharmaceutical Society ( DPhG ) and the German Biotechnology Industry Association.

Kleemann is married and has a daughter and three sons.



More than 100 patents name him as an inventor or co-inventor.

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