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BBÖ ET 10 / ÖBB 4041
4041.01 in the main workshop in Floridsdorf, Vienna (1977)
4041.01 in the main workshop in Floridsdorf, Vienna (1977)
Numbering: BBÖ: ET 10.001–008
ÖBB: 4041.01–08
Number: 8th
Manufacturer: ELIN , Krauss / Linz
Year of construction (s): 1928-29
Retirement: 1973
Axis formula : 3 '(Ao1Ao)'
2'Bo '(after modification)
Gauge : 1435 mm ( standard gauge )
Length over buffers: 20,520 mm
Bogie axle base: 3,100 mm
Total wheelbase: 16,340 mm
Service mass: 72.70 t
Friction mass: 34.0 t
Top speed: 80 km / h
Traction power: 250 kW
Hourly output : 500 kW / 53 km / h
Continuous output : 412 kW / 62 km / h
Driving wheel diameter: 1,140 mm
Impeller diameter: 1,140 mm
Motor type: 1 ~ Rs / 2
Motor type: Single-phase series motor
Rated speed: 1275 rpm
Power system : 15 kV / 16 23 Hz
Number of traction motors: 2
Drive: one-sided pawprint drive with spring-loaded large wheel
Brake: Vacuum brake, later compressed air brake
Control: Electropneumatic DC contactor control
Seats: 62
Museum railcar ET 10.003 with sidecar in Vienna Heiligenstadt station (1993)
4041.01 after its processing by the ÖGEG, Seefeld 2012
Driver's cab of the 4041.01 (1977)

The series BBÖ ET 10 was an electrically powered railcar of the BBÖ .


In 1929 the BBÖ decided to procure eight electric multiple units . In order to keep the inventory of electrical components low, certain components were taken over from the BBÖ 1170 (ÖBB 1045) series. The rail car series got the designation ET 10 (ET stands for E lektro- T rubbed dare).

Since the axle load was too high for certain routes, three-axle bogies were developed and installed. However, these were very prone to failure, especially the slightly smaller barrel axis, which was arranged in the middle. When the axle load was increased on the main lines, the central running axles were removed and the bogies adapted. You can still see the axle bearing guide of the running axles on the museum railcars.

A multiple control was installed for various repairs . During the major repairs, the vehicle bodies were also rebuilt, with the front sides being redesigned.

The railcars were used on the Salzkammergut Railway and the flat routes near Innsbruck ( Salzburg - Golling , Wörgl - Kufstein and Feldkirch - Bregenz ), covering around 10,000 km per month.

In 1938 the Deutsche Reichsbahn classified the railcars as ET 83.01-08. All eight vehicles survived the Second World War and were designated from 1953 by the ÖBB as  4041.01-08 . From 1949, the vehicles were used to create a fast connection between Linz and Innsbruck, but this overloaded the railcars so that they were soon withdrawn again. After electrification in 1952, they ran briefly in Vienna as the Hütteldorf - Unter-Purkersdorf shuttle train , which had previously been "wrapped up" with two passenger cars in front of and behind a tank locomotive . They were replaced by locomotive trains with locomotives of the  1073 series, which ran again wrapped. It is also worth mentioning the use of wagons of the Heidenau - Altenberg design (see photo by JJ Barbieux) that have been converted into railcar trailers , which remained in Austria after the Second World War and were designated 7059.01-02 and 101. The vehicles retired from scheduled service in 1973.

4041.01, 03 and 05 remained for the time being and were used as preheating systems and test vehicles in HW  Floridsdorf . For the 150th anniversary of the railway in Austria, the vehicles were restored, with the 4041.03 externally being restored to the delivery condition as ET 10.003. A DR control car was matched in color to the railcar. The set was available for special trips until 1999. 4041.05 was stationed in Floridsdorf (ÖBB-Nostalgie) and served there as a spare parts donor after the deadline. It was scrapped in 2009. 4041.03 as ET 10.003 is in the Strasshof Railway Museum , 4041.01 was acquired by the ÖGEG and was completely refurbished until May 2012.


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