Altkirch – Ferrette railway line

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Route number (SNCF) : 134,000
Route length: 24.01 km
Gauge : 1435 mm ( standard gauge )
Maximum slope : 25 
Top speed: 40 km / h
Route - straight ahead
from Mulhouse
Station, station
Altkirch 292 m
to Belfort
3.0 Carspach 295 m
5.0 Hirtzbach 306 m
7.5 Hirsingue (Hirsingen) 316 m
9.5 Bettendorf 321 m
9.6 Ill
11.8 Grentzingen 340 m
15.0 Waldighofen 352 m
to St-Louis-La Chaussée
16.6 Roppentzwiller 366 m
18.7 Werentzhouse (Werenzhausen) 375 m
19.8 Ill
23.8 Ferrette (Pfirt) 469 m
24.0 End of the route

The Altkirch – Ferrette railway , also known as the Illtalbahn , was a French railway line from Altkirch to Ferrette . The line was commissioned in 1892 and closed in 1991.


The route begins at Altkirch station on the Paris – Mulhouse line . This she followed for almost two kilometers in a westerly direction. Then it turned south and reached the Hirtzbach stop at km 5. From here the railway line follows the Illtal . In Waldighofen, the railway branched off to Saint-Louis-la-Chaussée . After Werentzhouse the route made a right turn and crossed the Ill for the second time. After the railway line headed west, it made a left turn and finally reached Ferrette station at km 23.8 .


On August 18, 1888, it was decided to build a single-track railway line from Altkirch via Waldighofen to Ferrette. The construction of the railway line began in 1891 and cost 2.6 million marks . The line was put into operation on January 4, 1892. In 1892, the timetable provided for five daily train pairs from Altkirch to Ferrette; the journey took 1h40. The route often led along the street, so the speed had to be reduced to 6 km / h in the through town. Out of town, the maximum speed was 40 km / h. With the construction of the Waldighoffen – Saint-Louis-la-Chaussée railway line, the Waldighofen station had to be rebuilt in 1920.

With the opening of a parallel bus line in 1934, many passengers switched to the faster bus. After the Second World War there was only one pair of passenger trains a day. On July 20, 1953, the last passenger train ran the route. A pair of freight trains still ran on the route for the next 15 years. From 1968 this is limited to the Altkirch – Hirsingue section . The section between Ferrette and Hirsingue was closed on March 28, 1969, after which the tracks were dismantled. Freight traffic to Hirsingue, which served the Lang factory, ended on May 1, 1987. The section from Altkirch to Hirsingue was closed on October 22, 1991, after which this section was also dismantled to widen the roads.

Current condition

Some sections of the route are now used as cycle paths or farm roads. No relics of the route have been preserved in the through town. The station buildings of Hirtzbach , Waldighofen , Roppentzwiller and Werentzhouse are still preserved. Some small bridges are also still preserved.


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