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The Austrian Balli of the Teutonic Order was an administrative province of the Knights of the Teutonic Order . It was temporarily subordinate to the Grand Master as a so-called chamber ball. It still exists today as a ball of family members and includes the commanderies “An Enns und Salzach” and “An Der Drau”.


The Teutonic Order was founded in 1190 as a hospital brotherhood in Akkon . Since 1198 it also served as a knightly community to protect pilgrims in the Holy Land. In 1280 the possessions (coming) of the order, which were in the territory of the Holy Roman Empire, were grouped into 13 Balleien (order provinces). The Austrian ball was one of them. After the order had lost its sovereignty due to the provisions of the Peace of Pressburg , the central residence was moved to Vienna in 1805 . After the First World War the order was converted into a spiritual order, the Ballei dissolved. In the 1950s the institutes of the Knights of Honor and Familiar were rebuilt, their statute was adopted in 1965 by Pope Paul VI. approved. This created the Ballei as an institution for the families of the Teutonic Order.

The Teutonic Order House in Vienna, located behind St. Stephen's Cathedral , is also the seat of the Central Archives of the Teutonic Order and the treasury of the Teutonic Order, which is open to the public .

Historical coming of the Chamber Ball Austria

  1. Coming Brixeney
  2. Coming Friesach
  3. Coming big Sunday
  4. Upcoming Laibach
  5. Upcoming Leech (in Graz)
  6. Coming Möttling
  7. Coming Namslau
  8. Upcoming Wiener Neustadt
  9. Coming Troppau
  10. Coming Vienna

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