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Bernhard Anemüller (born August 26, 1820 in Heberndorf ; † April 6, 1896 ) was a German historian , archivist and librarian .


Bernhard Anemüller was born in Heberndorf on August 26, 1820 as the son of a teacher and cantor . He was trained at the grammar school in Rudolstadt and in 1840 moved to the University of Jena to study theology and history for three years . The five years after completing his studies he worked as a private tutor in Rudolstadt, then in 1848 he became the tutor of Prince Georg Albert von Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt . When he moved to the University of Göttingen in 1856 , Anemüller ended his supervision and became a teacher at the grammar school and the secondary school in Rudolstadt the following year .

He held the position as a teaching staff until 1868. During this time he dealt with the history of Thuringia and Schwarzburg and made friends with the archivist Ludwig Friedrich Hesse . After he left the profession for reasons of age, Anemüller continued the position of archivist and librarian. As part of this work, Anemüller had to rearrange the library, since his predecessor Hesse was a scholar but was extremely messy. It became known that a secretary of Hesse had stolen coins, seals and documents undetected, some of which could no longer be found.

The disorder in the library and also in the national state library was so enormous that the reorganization was to last for decades and was done with state funding. Anemüller was forced to organize the meter-high stacks of books, the disorganized documents and multi-volume works spread over the entire building. In addition, he worked for the Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie , to which he contributed 60 articles. He retired in 1893 and died on April 6, 1896.

Bernhard Anemüller's son is Ernst Anemüller , who became head of the Lippische Landesbibliothek in Detmold .


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