Lichtentann castle ruins

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Lichtentann castle ruins
Lichtentann castle ruins - partially reconstructed gate system

Lichtentann castle ruins - partially reconstructed gate system

Castle type : Hilltop castle
Conservation status: ruin
Standing position : Ministeriale
Place: Henndorf am Wallersee
Geographical location 47 ° 53 '52 "  N , 13 ° 14' 6"  E Coordinates: 47 ° 53 '52 "  N , 13 ° 14' 6"  E
Height: 736  m above sea level A.
Lichtentann castle ruins (State of Salzburg)
Lichtentann castle ruins

The castle ruin Lichtentann is located in the municipality of Henndorf am Wallersee in the state of Salzburg , Austria .


The ruins of the hilltop castle is situated on 736  m above sea level. A. east of Henndorf near the ascent to the “Heimkehrerkreuz” and the Großer Plaike ( 1031  m ). The path is part of the "Ice Age Circular Trail".


Map of the "Grafschaft Henndorf" in the 14th century (by Dopsch and Lackner)

The Lichtentann Castle, as well as the Altentann Castle (former Altentann moated castle), which is also in what is now the municipality of Henndorf, were built by the Lords of Tann , one of the most important Salzburg noble families of the Middle Ages.

The Lords of Tann, from Muntigl near Bergheim , were ministries (servants, noble officials) of the Archbishops of Salzburg . Their task was to acquire the area around the Wallersee for Salzburg. The county of Henndorf was originally a fiefdom of the Bavarian dukes. During the troubled times of the Interregnum (1254–1273) Eckhart VI. von Tann (approx. 1225–1304) started building Lichtentann Castle without the archbishop's permission. In 1272 he had to hand over the castle to Archbishop Friedrich II von Walchen for five years . Although his son Eckhart VII von Tann had to undertake to stop the further expansion of Lichtentann (1314), the castle complex was completed. When Niklas and Eckhart X. von Tann shared their property, the courts of Lichtentann - Köstendorf and Altentann - Seekirchen emerged from the county of Henndorf . Both had the high court (death penalty) with the common place of execution Eggerberg.

After Eckhart XI's death. (the son of Niklas von Tann), Archbishop Ortolf von Weißeneck , based on a fiefdom of 1302, moved in Lichtentann Castle, the court of Köstendorf and a large part of the Tanner estates as fallen fiefdoms . Eckhart X. auf Altentann received the important Tetelham Castle near Waging am See as compensation , as well as Lichtentann Castle and the court of Köstendorf for life. After Eckhart X's death, Archbishop Ortolf (1355) wanted to access his property. The son of the deceased, Eckhart XII. von Tann, allied with Duke Stefan II of Lower Bavaria . Twenty Salzburg and Bavarian aristocrats supported Tanner in the great " Tanner feud " against the archbishop. After an arbitration award by Duke Rudolf IV of Austria , Eckhart XII. cede the castles and courts of Altentann and Lichtentann to the Archbishop. After a settlement with Archbishop Pilgrim II of Puchheim , he received Altentann Castle and the court again as a fief , but in 1369 he finally had to renounce Lichtentann and the Köstendorf court. After Eckhart XII's death. Archbishop Pilgrim II confiscated the entire Tanner property (1391).

The Tanner castles became the seat of carers (archbishop officials) who administered the courts of Lichtentann-Köstendorf and Altentann-Seekirchen. In 1607, the care of Lichtentann and the court of Köstendorf were combined with the care of Altentann. In 1612, the Neumarkt land registry was also included. This created the Neumarkt nursing court , which was divided into the offices of Neumarkt, Henndorf and Seekirchen. After the fire in Altentann Castle (1680), the keeper moved to his own courthouse in Neumarkt (1699, today's district court).

The castles were left to decay and served as extraction points for building material. From 1825 the two castles were already privately owned by the Moser family of brewers.


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