Charles François Brisseau de Mirbel

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Charles François Brisseau de Mirbel

Charles François Brisseau de Mirbel (born March 27, 1776 in Paris , † September 12, 1854 in Champerret , Paris) was a French botanist . He was one of the first plant anatomists and physiologists. Its official botanical author abbreviation is “ Mirb. "


At the age of 20, Brisseau de Mirbel became an assistant at the Natural History Museum in Paris. There he began with the microscopic examination of plant tissue. With the first edition of his Traité d'anatomie et de physiologie végétale from 1802, he established himself as one of the French founding fathers of cell theory and plant physiology . He postulated that all plant tissues are made up of parenchyma . His observation, published in 1809, that every plant cell is surrounded by a continuous biomembrane, is his central contribution to cytology to this day .

In 1803 Brisseau de Mirbel was employed as superintendent in the garden of Empress Josephine in Malmaison Castle . Here he completed his studies on plant tissues and the development of plant organs. There he described the liverwort genus Marchantia . In 1808 he was accepted into the French Academy of Sciences and appointed professor of botany at the Sorbonne .

After the fall of Napoleon , Brisseau de Mirbel became head of the Jardin des Plantes in Paris . In 1807 he became a corresponding and 1808 full member of the Académie des sciences . In 1820 he was elected a member of the Leopoldina . In 1837 the Royal Society in London elected him a foreign member.


The plant genus Mirbelia Sm. From the legume family (Fabaceae) is named after Mirbel .


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