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Christian II of Saxony-Merseburg (born November 19, 1653 in Merseburg ; † October 20, 1694 ibid) was a member of a sideline of the Albertine Wettins and second duke of the Saxon secondary school principality of Saxony-Merseburg . To distinguish him from his father, he is also called " Christian the Younger " or " Christian the Other ".


Christian was the second son of Duke Christian I of Saxony-Merseburg and his wife Christiana , a daughter of Duke Philip of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg .


Government in the Merseburg principality

The death of his older brother, Hereditary Prince Johann Georg, made him heir to the Merseburg duchy in 1654, whose throne he ascended at the age of 37 with the death of his father on October 18, 1691.

In his reign in the principality, which lasted only three years, he hardly managed to leave any traces. Today he is immortalized together with his wife on one of the obelisks in the garden of Merseburg Castle .

Difficult relationship with course Saxons

The conflict with his electoral Saxon cousins ​​about the subordination of compatriots and other rights, which was already growing under his father and predecessor, finally led to the brief occupation of Merseburg by electoral troops during the reign of Christian II.

Death and burial

Duke Christian II died on October 20, 1694 at the age of 40 and was buried in a pewter coffin in the princely crypt of Merseburg Cathedral . He was successively followed by his two sons Christian III. Moritz and Moritz Wilhelm on the throne. The administration for the still underage princes was carried out by Friedrich August I of Saxony , while Christian's influential widow Erdmuth Dorothea von Sachsen-Zeitz held the guardianship .

Marriage and offspring

His only marriage was on October 14, 1679 at Moritzburg Castle in Zeitz with Duchess Erdmuth Dorothea von Sachsen-Zeitz , the daughter of Duke Moritz von Sachsen-Zeitz from his marriage to Dorothea Maria von Sachsen-Weimar .

He had the following children with his wife:

  • Christian III Moritz (born November 7, 1680 in Merseburg, † November 14, 1694 in Merseburg), Duke of Saxony-Merseburg
  • Johann Wilhelm (born October 11, 1681 in Merseburg, † May 29, 1685 in Merseburg), Prince of Saxony-Merseburg
  • August Friedrich (born March 10, 1684 in Delitzsch, † August 13, 1685 in Merseburg), Prince of Saxony-Merseburg
  • Philipp Ludwig (born November 3, 1686 in Merseburg, † June 9, 1688 in Merseburg), Prince of Saxony-Merseburg
  • Moritz Wilhelm (born February 5, 1688 in Merseburg, † April 21, 1731 in Merseburg), Duke of Saxony-Merseburg ∞ Henriette Charlotte of Nassau-Idstein
  • Friedrich Erdmann (born September 20, 1691 in Merseburg, † June 2, 1714 in Köthen), Hereditary Prince of Saxony-Merseburg ∞ Eleonore Wilhelmine of Anhalt-Köthen
  • Christiane Eleonore Dorothea (born November 6, 1692 in Merseburg, † March 30, 1693 in Merseburg), Princess of Saxony-Merseburg


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