Christian Kalkbrenner (composer)

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Christian Kalkbrenner (born  September 22, 1755 in Münden , today called Hann. Münden, †  August 10, 1806 in Paris ) was a German choir director and composer .


Kalkbrenner began his career as a choir singer with the French Opera in Kassel . In 1777 he composed a mass through which he acquired membership of the Philharmonic Society in Bologna , and in 1788 became conductor of the Queen of Prussia in Berlin , and in 1790 of Prince Heinrich of Prussia in Rheinsberg .

After the prince's death, he went to Paris in 1802, where he was employed as choir director at the Grand Opera and died on August 10, 1806.

In addition to an unfinished “Histoire de la musique”, he left behind a large number of compositions consisting of operas (including “Önone”, “Olympia” and “Demokrit”), piano sonatas and songs.

The Franco-German composer and pianist Friedrich Kalkbrenner was his son.


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