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Christoph B. Keller (born January 16, 1959 in Zurich ) is a Swiss journalist , radio reporter and writer .


Christoph Keller, grew up in Lima (Peru) and in Baden (Canton Aargau), studied law and ethnology and graduated in 1986 with a licentiate. He initially worked as a lawyer, as a research assistant at the Institute for International Law at the University of Basel , then as a journalist for the WochenZeitung .

From 1995 to the present day he was first an editorial staff member, then a regular author for the “ Magazin ” of the Tages-Anzeiger and freelancer for Swiss radio DRS 2 ; from spring 1998 editor in the society department at Swiss Radio DRS 2. Since 2010 he has been editor-in-chief of the culture and society department at SRF 2 Kultur radio .

His numerous reports reported from West Africa, especially on the subject of democratization of African societies as well as on the main topics of sustainable development and political relations in the Third World, on Europe and democracy and on bio and genetic technologies in a social and political context.

Since 1999 he has also written reports for “ mare ”, “ politique internationale ”, “tangram”, “ Die Zeit ”, “ Die Weltwoche ” and “ GEO

From 2003 to 2006 he worked on a research project as part of the National Research Program NRP 51 Integration and Exclusion . From 1995 he worked at the «conceivable» in the Basel barracks , since then he has moderated regularly at cultural events, at international congresses and at specialist conferences. From 1998 to 2000 he was the project manager of «café.philo.sophes» in Basel , and since 2003 he has been conducting media training for national and international organizations.

Keller has been a lecturer at the Swiss journalism school MAZ in Lucerne since 2001 .

Since 2005 he has also worked as an author and writer.

Publications (selection)

  • 1995 The skull surveyor. Otto Schlaginhaufen , anthropologist and racial hygienist. A biographical report, Limmat Verlag , Zurich.
  • 1996 change of shift. An experimental report on working life in Switzerland (with Thomas Göttin and others), rotpunktverlag , Zurich.
  • 1998 Whether there is a purebred Swiss, in: The Invention of Switzerland 1848-1998, exhibition catalog, Zurich.
  • 1999 Death - a case for the academy, in: Last Minute. A book about dying and death, Stapferhaus Lenzburg .
  • 2003 Building Bodies. Man in the age of biotechnology, Limmat Verlag, Zurich
  • 2004 Wir Cyborgs (leading article) in: Body Extensions, exhibition catalog of the Museum Bellerive , Zurich
  • 2005 The Neverager are coming (lead article), in: Ganz schön old, exhibition catalog Museum.BL, Liestal
  • 2007 Alamor three days, novel, Limmat Verlag, Zurich
  • 2013 Übers Meer, Roman, rotpunktverlag, Zurich.


  • 1991 Zurich Journalism Prize for the report "Angelo P. - the death of a junkie", WOZ.
  • 1997 Nomination for the Egon Erwin Kisch Prize with the report “Der Freigeist”, a portrait of the anarchist Daniel Bloch, DAS MAGAZIN.
  • 1998 Zurich Journalist Prize for the report “The African Friend - Mobutu Sese Seko and Switzerland”, THE MAGAZINE.
  • 1998 Media Prize (scholarship) from the Christoph Eckenstein Foundation for a report on democratization in Mali, PASSAGE 2 SRDRS2.
  • 2000 Prix Europa, second place in the Current Affairs category for the radio report “The money from Sani Abacha in Switzerland”, KONTEXT SRDRS2.
  • 2001 Von Roll Award for the report “Shell - the end of an enemy image”, THE MAGAZINE.
  • 2002 Literature grant from the Basel Literature Fund for the book project “Alamor. Three days"
  • 2003 Invitation to the Solothurn Literature Days , reading in the Landhaussaal
  • 2003 Approval of a three-year research project within the framework of NRP 51 "Integration and Exclusion"
  • 2007 UBS Cultural Foundation award for journalistic and literary work
  • 2008 Award of Swiss Radio DRS for the feature "Müller or the invention of normality"

Public affairs

  • 1988 Founding of the Basel Appeal, together with Florianne Koechlin and others;
  • 2003 member of the Science Talks of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences , SAMS;
  • 2005 appointment to the strategy group CULTURE at the University of Basel;
  • 2006 election to the board of the Swiss Human Rights Institution;
  • 2007 postcard campaign and website «»

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