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The Egon Erwin Kisch Prize was donated in 1977 by Henri Nannen , the founder of Stern magazine . The prize was intended to promote the journalistic quality of reports in the German-language press (especially in the print media). The selection was made in accordance with the claim “Write that down, Kisch!” Formulated by Egon Erwin Kisch and quoted in the preamble of the statutes .

In 2005 the prize was added to the reportage category of the newly created Henri Nannen Prize .

Regulations and jury

The prize was awarded once a year and was endowed with 10,000 euros for first place, 7,500 euros for second and 5,000 euros for third place.

When the Kisch Prize was awarded for the last time in 2004, the jury included u. a. to: Giovanni di Lorenzo (then Der Tagesspiegel ), Andreas Petzold ( Stern ), Peter Sartorius ( author ), Iris Radisch ( Die Zeit ), Cordt Schnibben ( Der Spiegel ), Hermann Schreiber ( journalist ) and Jutta Voigt (author).

Award winners

year price Award winners Published
1977 1st Prize Peter Sartorius : Blind man's cow under the North Cape Southgerman newspaper
1977 2nd prize Marie-Luise Scherer : Everyday life of a drinker The mirror
1977 3rd prize Roger Anderson : Circus Rodeo GEO
1978 1st Prize Hans-Joachim Noack on boxer Conny Velensek Frankfurter Rundschau
1978 2nd prize Stefan Klein on the Majdanek Trial Southgerman newspaper
1978 3rd prize Peter Sartorius : The territory of the hungry wolves Southgerman newspaper
1979 1st Prize Stefan Klein : Bloodsuckers in chord Southgerman newspaper
1979 2nd prize Marie-Luise Scherer : In German: stumbled The mirror
1979 3rd prize Benno Kroll : Charly's loyal killer GEO
1980 1st Prize Rolf Kunkel : Death at the fourth obstacle GEO
1980 2nd prize Volker Skierka : At some point you get a single anger Southgerman newspaper
1980 3rd prize Peter Bruges : Mr. Meier, where flowers, where summer? The mirror
1981 1st Prize Emanuel Eckardt : Games without limits star
1981 2nd prize Günter Kahl : The accomplices Social magazine
1981 3rd prize Paula Almquist : The loneliness of Rita M. star
1982 1st Prize Jürgen Leinemann : I have to tame the socis The mirror
1982 2nd prize Hans Conrad Zander : The thieves of Cologne star
1982 3rd prize Georg Hensel : And have fun with life Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
1983 1st Prize Peter Sartorius : Approaching the incomprehensible Southgerman newspaper
1983 2nd prize Hans Halter : The donor heart must not die The mirror
1983 3rd prize Evelyn Holst : It has become so quiet here star
1984 1st Prize Peter-Matthias Gaede : The starting machine GEO
1984 2nd prize Herbert Riehl-Heyse : The playmate from Hasenbergl Southgerman newspaper
1984 3rd prize Wilhelm Bittorf : The hawks are in the nest The mirror
1985 1st Prize Gerd Kröncke : The maestro from Schildergasse Southgerman newspaper
1985 2nd prize Axel Arens : Manhattan, Brooklyn and Bronx: God lives in California FAZ magazine
1985 3rd prize Markus Peichl : About someone who sits tempo
1986 1st Prize Cordt Schnibben : The Career of a War Criminal The time
1986 2nd prize Carlos Widmann : Small, bad world Southgerman newspaper
1986 3rd prize Christian Jungblut : As a servant in the Garden of Eden GEO
1987 1st Prize Peter Schille : He's a wild animal The mirror
1987 2nd prize Johanna Romberg : Always along the Emscher GEO
1987 3rd prize Axel Hacke : The long straight into the black hole Southgerman newspaper
1988 1st Prize Michael Gleich : Chile in the year of the decision FAZ magazine
1988 2nd prize Erwin Koch : Falls Roads Day indicator
1988 3rd prize Wibke Bruhns : The wall of reconciliation GEO
1989 1st Prize Birgit Lahann : Play me the song from Bonn star
1989 2nd prize Christoph Scheuring : Which are a mystery to themselves GEO
1989 3rd prize Peter Sager : Tanja Ballerina Time magazine
1990 1st Prize Christoph Scheuring (published under the pseudonym Birgit Saß): A fatal spot of innocence TransAtlantic
1990 2nd prize Matthias Matussek : Rodeo in the wild east The mirror
1990 3rd prize Axel Hacke : The fear of life after the agony Southgerman newspaper
1991 1st Prize Andreas Altmann : Ethiopia very close: Living on the edge of the world FAZ magazine
1991 2nd prize Margrit spokesman : Like a fighting pig, black in the face The world week
1991 3rd prize Jürgen Neffe : The curse of good deed GEO knowledge
1992 From 1993 the Egon Erwin Kisch Prize is named after the year of the award ceremony and no longer - as before - after the year of the reports. Therefore 1992 is missing.
1993 1st Prize Alexander Osang : My home is not a walk-through room Berlin newspaper
1993 2nd prize Uwe Prieser : Swetlana Boginskaja FAZ magazine
1993 3rd prize Johanna Romberg : Karlagin - please ring four times GEO special
1994 1st Prize Peter Haffner : Polski Blues NZZ Folio
1994 2nd prize Alexander Smoltczyk : A heavenly drop GEO
1994 3rd prize Christoph Dieckmann : A love in the east The time
1995 1st Prize Alexander Smoltczyk : The hole in the middle Weekly mail
1995 2nd prize Barbara Supp : Mr. Bui wants to stay The mirror
1995 3rd prize Holde-Barbara Ulrich : Then sit down! Time magazine
1996 1st Prize Erwin Koch : The person Paul The magazine
1996 2nd prize Angelika Overath : To the core Time magazine
1996 3rd prize Antje Potthoff : Say it. So that it comes to an end SZ magazine
1997 1st Prize Kuno Kruse : The land in which the graves talk The time
1997 2nd prize Carmen Butta : The whisper in the palazzo GEO special
1997 3rd prize Thomas Hüetlin : Here is the dance of death The mirror
1998 1st Prize Dirk Kurbjuweit : The torture was clean and tidy The time
1998 2nd prize Kai Hermann : A love in Berlin star
1998 3rd prize Stephan Lebert : The last move Southgerman newspaper
1999 1st Prize Birk Meinhardt : We are all there, except for Erich Honecka Southgerman newspaper
1999 2nd prize Alexander Osang : A useful hero Berlin newspaper
1999 3rd prize Axel Vornbäum : The world of Mr. Conrad Frankfurter Rundschau
2000 1st Prize Renate Flottau : War Diary The mirror
2000 2nd prize Cornelia Kazis : Last days NZZ Folio
2000 3rd prize Ullrich Fichtner : The lost honor of Friedrich B. Frankfurter Rundschau
2001 1st Prize Alexander Osang : The iron girl Mirror reporter
2001 2nd prize Birk Meinhardt : About the luck of finding the right word Southgerman newspaper
2001 3rd prize Ullrich Fichtner : The penal colony of Moabit TIME dossier
2002 1st Prize Dirk Kurbjuweit and Dietmar Hawranek: Die Drei -Welten-AG The mirror
2002 2nd prize Sabine Rückert : The murderer The time
2002 3rd prize Jan Christoph Wiechmann : The rebels of Salem Castle star
2003 1st Prize Stefan Willeke : The master of bankruptcies The time
2003 2nd prize Kurt Kister : Wolf smiles and pinpricks Southgerman newspaper
2003 3rd prize Guido Mingels : Josef, the tank cracker Day indicator
2004 1st Prize Ullrich Fichtner : The last stand The mirror
2004 2nd prize Harald Martenstein : Siegfried's heiress The daily mirror
2004 3rd prize Matthias Geyer , Horand Knaup, Hartmut Palmer, Gerd Rosenkranz : Schröder's game The mirror

Development for the Henri Nannen Prize

In the age of media diversity and globalization , print journalism has faced new tasks that can no longer be portrayed with classic reportage alone, but are just as important and worthy of prizes. In the spirit of Henri Nannen, who valued reportage in words and pictures as the supreme discipline of journalism, the Egon Erwin Kisch Prize remains as a category of the newly created Henri Nannen Prize - supplemented by other categories. In 2005, the Egon Erwin Kisch Prize was awarded for the first time as a category of the Henri Nannen Prize.

Award winner in the Reportage category since 2005

year price Award winners Published comment
2005 1st Prize Stefan Willeke : Mr. Mo fetches the factory The time
2006 1st Prize Bartholomäus Grill : I just want happy music The time
2007 1st Prize Klaus Brinkbäumer : The African Odyssey The mirror
Henning Sußebach : Hoffmann's view of the world The time
2008 1st Prize Sabine Rückert : How evil came to Ticino The time
2009 1st Prize Katja Thimm : Rolf, me and Alzheimer The mirror
2010 1st Prize Hania Luczak : A new stomach for Lenie GEO
2011 1st Prize René Pfister : At the control desk The mirror subsequently revoked
2012 1st Prize Stefan Willeke : The last dinosaur The time
2013 1st Prize Heike Faller : The driven one Time magazine
2014 1st Prize Özlem Gezer : The love of his life The mirror
2016 1st Prize Jan Christoph Wiechmann : Three warriors star
2018 1st Prize Markus Feldkirchen : Man Oman Manno The mirror
2019 1st Prize Bastian Berbner : Me and the completely different one Southgerman newspaper SZ magazine
2020 1st Prize Dominik Stawski : When the heart fails and there is only one salvation star

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