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Hans Conrad Zander (born October 19, 1937 in Zurich ) is a German-speaking journalist and writer from Switzerland . Zander has lived in Cologne since the 1980s .


Hans Conrad Zander comes from a Calvinist merchant family . At the age of 20 he entered the Catholic Dominican order , in which he aspired to work as a preacher. After three years Zander left the order and started in Cologne a study of sociology , which he with the degree of licencié ès lettres completed. Zander then worked as a journalist : since 1973 he has written numerous radio reports, mostly on historical and theological topics, for West German radio , and later at times also for reports for the Illustrierte Stern . One of his contributions to the show ZeitZeichen for the birthday of the French King Louis XIV, entitled The King Stinks , was requested so often as a manuscript by the listeners that it was repeated on the occasion of an anniversary broadcast.

Hans Conrad Zander, who is best known for his mildly satirical church and religion critical glosses and books, lives today in Cologne . In 1983 he received the Egon Erwin Kisch Prize ; In 1995/96 he was visiting professor at the University of Essen .


In 2007 Zander published his book “Brief Defense of the Holy Inquisition”, a “Janus-headed satire” according to the author, in which he deliberately exaggerated the Inquisition as “progressive, women-friendly, efficient, correct and holy”. Zander's contribution to the Galileo Galilei case is explosive because he tries to justify the condemnation of Galileo and characterizes Galileo as intellectually inferior, obsessive and greedy. Galileo was rehabilitated by the then Pope in 1992 .


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