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Clio Goldsmith , married Clio Shand , (born June 16, 1957 in Paris ) is a former French actress .

Clio Goldsmith (1981)


Clio Goldsmith comes from the old German-Jewish Goldschmidt family from Frankfurt am Main . She is the daughter of the Anglo-French ecologist Edward Goldsmith (1928–2009) and a niece of the billionaire Sir James Goldsmith (1933–1997). Clio Goldsmith began her film career in 1980 with a small role as prostitute Clemence in Mauro Bolognini's adaptation of the novel The Lady of the Camellias with Isabelle Huppert ; in the Italian film La cicala by director Alberto Lattuada , she also played a prostitute on the side of Virna Lisi and Anthony Franciosa . Her other screen roles were mostly of a more revealing nature, for example in the soft sex film Honigmund or as femme fatale and seductress by Patrick Dewaere in Plein sud (both 1981).

Clio Goldsmith became internationally known in 1982 in the title role of the comedy A Spicy Gift , staged by Michel Lang and produced by her cousin Gilbert de Goldschmidt , with Pierre Mondy and Claudia Cardinale , in which she again appeared as a prostitute. After that, she only played a few roles and withdrew into private life in the mid-1980s.

From 1982 until the divorce in 1985 she was married to the Italian industrialist Carlo Alessandro Puri Negri (* 1952), an heir of the Pirelli Group. She has a daughter with him. From 1990 until his death, she was the wife of British author Mark Shand (1951-2014), the brother of Camilla Mountbatten-Windsor , with whom she also has a daughter. Clio Goldsmith is a first cousin of Jemima Khan .


  • 1980: La cicala
  • 1980: The Lady of the Camellias (La Dame aux camélias)
  • 1981: Honigmund (Miele di donna)
  • 1981: Plein sud
  • 1981: La caduta degli angeli ribelli
  • 1982: La donna giusta
  • 1982: The Superboss (Le grand pardon)
  • 1982: A Savory Gift (Le cadeau)
  • 1984: Sparkling Love (L'Étincelle)
  • 1984: ... and life goes on (... e la vita continua) (TV)

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