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Damm stands for:

  • Dyke , a water protection on river or sea banks
  • Damm (wall) , an artificially built wall made of a pile of earth or rock
  • Dam , an artificially built wall on flowing waters
  • Dam (mining) , a separating structure in underground mining
  • Perineum , the area of ​​the body between anus and vagina or scrotum

The following geographical objects are called dam :

  • Dąbie (Szczecin) , district of Stettin, Poland (former city dam , incorporated as an old dam )
  • Uschakowka (Kaliningrad) , settlement in the Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia (until 1945: manor district Damm , district Labiau, East Prussia)

such as:

  • Mount Dam , mountain in the Ross Dependency, Antarctica

Dam , more:

DAMM is an abbreviation for:

  • DAMM , German age group team championships in senior athletics

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