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Dan Turèll (often also called "Uncle Danny") (born March 19, 1946 in Copenhagen , † October 15, 1993 in Copenhagen) was a Danish writer and journalist.

life and work

Before Dan Turèll was able to make a living from his books, he initially carried out numerous different professional activities. He became a book author and also worked as a journalist and writer of songs for beat groups. He loved Copenhagen, especially the Vesterbro district , and kept describing his city in all its facets. In his souvenir book Vangede Billeder (Pictures of Vangede), published in 1975, he describes his childhood and youth in the Copenhagen suburb of Vangede in a very human way. He manages to elevate the language of the working class to an art form; the Copenhageners recognized themselves in the characters of the slightly romantic colored book.

Turèll's first works were influenced by the literature of the American Beat Generation , including Allen Ginsberg , Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs . He staged himself and wrote books with striking titles such as Sidste forestilling bevidstløse trancebilleder af eksploderende spejltricks own flyvende tidsmaskine af smeltende elektriske glasfotos (The last idea of ​​unconscious trance pictures of exploding mirrors over flying time machines of melting electric glass photos, 1972). With image and text montages it exceeds this genus and text borders, it connects, for example, in his song and album text Karma Cowboy (1974) the cowboy with the Buddhist doctrine of karma . His numerous publications with titles such as Uncle Danny's drivende dansende dirrende dinglende daskende dryppende danske dasedigte (Uncle Danny's driving dancing restless dangling dashing seeping dry Danish songwriting, 1974) led to Turèll becoming popular in Denmark under the name "Uncle Danny". In 2007 a square in Vangede was named "Dan Turèlls Plads" in his honor.

In the six volumes of Medie Montager (media montages) Turèll, who as a master of slang has repeatedly worked with musicians, writes about literature and music; Pop culture phenomena such as the Rolling Stones are discussed as well as the texts of Per Højholt . "

- Thomas Seiler

Dan Turèll became best known for his crime series about a nameless journalist whom, influenced by Raymond Chandler , he lets act like a figure of the Anglo-American hardboiled detective . It's not an ongoing series; the twelve books can be read in any order. Already with his first volume Mord i mørket (Murder in the Dark, 1981) he had great success; the book was made into a film in 1986 (with Ove Sprogøe among others ). In the same year his second novel was published with the title Mord i Rodby (Mord in Rodby). The plot of the first case takes place in the shabby Vesterbro milieu in Copenhagen, in the second the journalist clears up a series of murders in a Danish provincial town. This novel was also filmed under the title “Murder in Paradise” (with Morten Grunwald among others ), but it was less successful. The series is interspersed with criticism of the welfare state of Denmark and not without humor, but the plot is sometimes illogical.

As a writer, Turèll wrote in both Danish and English; his works have been translated into French, German, Dutch and Swedish, among others. He was a master at reciting his poems at poetry festivals. Since 1994 the "Dan Turèll Prize" has been awarded annually on his birthday. Turèll received a number of awards, including the Ikea Prize in 1981, “De gyldne håndjern” (The Golden Handcuffs) in 1983 and in 1991 for the series about his nameless detective “Det danske Kriminalakademis diplom”.

Dan Turèll's grave in the Copenhagen Assistance Cemetery

Turèll was married twice. He died of cancer and was buried in the Copenhagen Assistance Cemetery. He left behind an extensive oeuvre, some of which were only published after his death.


Danish original editions (selection)

  • 1971: Manuscripts om hvad som helst (prose)
  • 1972: Bevægelser, formålsløst cirklende (prose)
  • 1972: Sidste Forestilling, bevidstløse trancebilleder af eksploderende spejltricks own flyvende tidsmaskine af smeltende elektriske glass photos (poetry)
  • 1973: Sekvens af Manjana, the endeløse sang flimrende hudens pupiller. 250 ark (prose)
  • 1973: Uncle Danny's dadaistiske disc-jockey djellaba jazzjungle joysticks (lyrics)
  • 1974: Another Draft of Space Cantos (lyric)
  • 1974: Karma Cowboy (lyric)
  • 1974: Uncle Danny's delirious jukebox jitterbug (poetry)
  • 1975: Vangede Billeder (poetry)
  • 1975: $ torebror $ am (autobiography)
  • 1976: Drive-in digte (poetry)
  • 1976: Nytår i Rom (poetry)
  • 1976: Live show feed-back. 5sæt af bøgernes bog (prose)
  • 1976: Uncle Danny fortæller (memories)
  • 1976: Livets Karrusel (poetry)
  • 1977: 3-D digte (poetry)
  • 1977: Storby-Blues (lyric)
  • 1977: MenneskeMyteMaskinen. Media Montager V (prose)
  • 1978: Uncle Sam's sønner. Media Montage VI (prose)
  • 1978: Uncle Danny's små sitrende skinnende svirrende swingende saxsoli sæbeboble-sange (poetry)
  • 1979: Uncle Danny's rullende rallende regnvejrs ragtime rhapsodi (poetry)
  • 1979: Møde i Garda. En fortælling i forbigående (prose)
  • 1979: Amerikanske ansiger. Udvalgte artikler fra 70'erne (essays)
  • 1981: Mord i mørket , (detective novel)
  • 1981: Mord i Rodby (detective novel)
  • 1982: Mord på Malta (detective novel)
  • 1982: Uncle Danny fortæller på talløse opfordringer (memories)
  • 1983: Alhambra Blues. 175 dagbogs-digte (poetry)
  • 1983: Mord ved Runddelen (detective novel)
  • 1984: Sort film. En privat dagbog omkring criminal genre (prose)
  • 1984: Mord i marts (detective novel)
  • 1984: Kom forbi (poetry)
  • 1984: murder i september (detective novel)
  • 1985: Mord i myldretiden (crime novel)
  • 1986: Mord på møntvaskeriet og other kriminalhistorier (crime stories)
  • 1987: Mord i rendestenen (crime novel)
  • 1988: Blues for Buddha (prose)
  • 1988: Mord på medierne (detective novel)
  • 1989: As Time Goes By ... Klip fra den fortsatte scrap-bog (essays)
  • 1989: Murder på markedet. Noveller (crime stories)
  • 1989: Forklædt til genkendelighed. Sange, digte & recitationer (lyric)
  • 1990: Murder in San Francisco (detective novel)
  • 1991: I byen - og i baggårdene. 50 historians af Københavns-krøniken fortalt fra dag til dag (essays)
  • 1991: Undervejs med Copenhagen All Stars. Et jazzband p ° a turné i Danmark (memories)
  • 1991: Himalaya Hilton. Graduated from 1989 - 1991 (poetry)
  • 1992: Dét døgn, da ... (novel)
  • 1992: Gud & Gokke. Graduated from 1991-1992 (poetry)
  • 1993: Tja-a Cha-Cha (lyrics)
  • 1993: Alverden's vampire. Første forestilling på Grusomhedens Teater eller en idés rejse fra 5000 for Kristus til i dag (prose)
  • 1994: Vangede billeder (prose from the estate)
  • 2003: En nat ved højtaleren and sprogets microphone. Rariteter 1964-79 (radio essays from the estate)
  • 2007: Charlie Parker i Istedgade. Tekster om jazz (essays from the estate)
  • 2007: Drit i døden - her he Dan Turèll. Dikt i utvalg ( selection of poems)

German-language publications


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