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Georg Daniel Speer (baptized July 2, 1636 in Breslau ; † October 5, 1707 in Göppingen ) was a German church and popular musician, teacher, writer and composer of the Baroque era .


Speer was the son of the Breslau master furrier Georg Speer and his wife Margarethe. An entry in the archives of the Magdalenenkirche in Breslau noted that he was baptized on July 2, 1636, that is, on the day of his birth. Speer attended Maria-Magdalenen-Gymnasium for a few years , but lost his parents as a child and grew up in an orphanage, from which he fled.

Exact information is not available from the following years of unsteady wandering life, but it seems u. a. to have reached Hungary and Romania via Slovakia , which can be inferred from his knowledge of the Balkan countries. Apparently he served at times as a war trumpeter and army drummer. It is uncertain why he finally ended up in southern Germany. The Göppinger councilors tried already in 1667 to recruit this capable man for the post of church musician and teacher, but the Duke of Wuerttemberg did not "completely alien" in schools give preference to his country's children. In 1669 he was found as a musician in Großbottwar , where he married Apollonia Buttersack on May 11, 1669, from 1670–1673 he was provisional (assistant) in Leonberg , and it was not until 1673 that he was employed as organist and cantor of the town church of Göppingen and as a collaborator there Latin school.

Since Speer had established a firm foothold in Göppingen for the first time in his life, he was able to devote himself to his literary interests in addition to music and teaching. During this, his most productive time, he wrote various compositions ( musical-Turkish Eulen Spiegel , numerous sonatas for trumpet, trombone and organ), picaresque novels and other literary publications, especially pamphlets critical of the times and the government, including the story of the Göppingen and Schorndorf women's uprisings in the year 1688. His authorship behind the pseudonym a truth-loving pen was soon known, which is why Daniel Speer was imprisoned on the Hohenneuffen in mid-February 1689 for his patriotic appeals against the French occupation . The Göppingen tried to get their teacher released, but when Speer was finally dismissed at the end of 1689, he came to the Waiblingen Latin School as a collaborator , where he devoted himself exclusively to composition.

He was only able to return to Göppingen in 1694, where he retired in the last years of his life due to a decline in creativity and died on October 5, 1707 at the age of 71.

Works (selection)

  • Hungarian or Dacian Simplicissimus . o. O. 1683 (reprint Vienna 1973)
  • Reasonably correct / short / easy and necessary instruction in musical art. How to sing chorale and figurative / to tract the general bass / and to learn to compose in a short time . Ulm 1687
  • Musical Turkish owl mirror . Ulm 1688 (reprinted in Bratislava 1971)
  • Choral Gesang-Buch / Auff das Clavir or Organ / Wherein all usable church and Hauss chants [!] Own melodies / in note set with 2nd voices / as: Discant and bass among each other: In addition to an appendix of many selected arias, and Newly introduced Schöne Geistreicher songs to be used in all cases . Stuttgart 1692
  • Thoroughly correct / Kurtz-Leicht- and Nöthiger / now Wol-increased teaching of musical art. Or / Quadruple Musical Clover Leaf / What to see / how to do it properly and in a short time I. Choral and figural singing. II. Tracting the piano and general bass. III. You can grasp all sorts of instruments / and learn to blow. IV. Learn to compose vocaliter and instrumentaliter . Ulm 1697 (reprint Leipzig 1974)

Literature (selection)

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Individual evidence

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