Dead Set (TV series)

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Television series
Original title Dead set
Country of production United Kingdom
original language English
year 2008
length 145 minutes
Episodes 5 in 1 season
genre horror
idea Charlie Brooker
production Charlie Brooker
music Dan Jones
camera Did Radcliffe
First broadcast October 27, 2008 on E4
first broadcast
September 22, 2013 on RTL Crime

Main actor:

Supporting cast:

Dead Set is a British horror - miniseries with splatter -Deposits of Charlie Brooker in 2008, which includes five episodes in a season. The post-apocalyptic scenario was released in Great Britain on November 3rd, 2008 with various extras on DVD . In September 2012, the five-part series was releasedon DVD and Blu-ray Disc in Germanyunder the title Dead Set - Reality Bites .

The TV series deals with a remote Big Brother house in which the crew and participants of the TV show are existentially threatened by aggressive zombies . The miniseries generally follows the usual conventions of the zombie genre, although the creatures depicted can move extremely fast.

In September and October 2013, the pay broadcaster RTL Crime broadcast the series in German for the first time.


An unknown, deadly virus triggers a pandemic. The infected turn into frenzied monsters after their death (the term “zombie” is not mentioned), humanity is facing total annihilation.

While seven participants in a British Big Brother season are fighting in a sealed-off house to stay on the TV show, the crew around producer Patrick, who also belongs to set runner Kelly, is tense. The weekly live broadcast threatens to be canceled due to "bizarre" reports. When you finally go on the air, the events roll over. The moment a candidate is elected from the house with great media interest, the undead overrun the production site unobserved. The audience is initially isolated, later en masse, bitten and infected. Those present are surprised by the brutal events, and hysteria breaks out. Patrick manages to survive thanks to absolute ruthlessness by closing doors behind him or by throwing a wheelchair user to a zombie to eat, in order to save himself in a disabled toilet. Kelly has to kill her infected colleague who is attacking her, but first manages to barricade himself in a room.

The candidates still have no idea what is going on outside of the container. They consider the lack of commands and the fact that the cameras are no longer moving as a “challenge” for the producers. Kelly and Patrick barricade themselves in the house with the Big Brother participants. Meanwhile, the supply and telecommunications networks collapse. Assistant Kelly organizes the necessary cohesion with the courage of desperation. Surrounded by beasts, everyone struggles to survive. Ultimately, the community, which Kelly's friend Riq joins, breaks down on selfishness. Patrick's reckless behavior is what ultimately fatally destroys the whole group.

Episode list

No. German title Original title First broadcast in UK German language first broadcast (D) Director script UK quotas
1 - Outbreak Oct 27, 2008 22 Sep 2013 Yann Demange Charlie Brooker 1.782 million
2 - Can the Housemates Keep Angel Alive? Oct 28, 2008 29 Sep 2013 Yann Demange Charlie Brooker 1.374 million
3 - Live feed Oct 29, 2008 29 Sep 2013 Yann Demange Charlie Brooker 1.202 million
4th - Running Oct 30, 2008 Oct 6, 2013 Yann Demange Charlie Brooker 1.206 million
5 - A way out Oct 31, 2008 Oct 6, 2013 Yann Demange Charlie Brooker 705,000


  • The series was created by Charlie Brooker, who also for the series Black Mirror is responsible
  • In 2020, Netflix announced that it would release Reality Z, a Brazilian adaptation of Dead Set . The broadcast began on May 27, 2020.


British Academy Television Awards
  • 2009: Nomination in the category of best drama series for Charlie Brooker, Annabel Jones and Yann Demange

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