Your will be done amigo

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German title Your will be done amigo
Original title So sia
Country of production Italy
original language Italian
Publishing year 1972
length 93 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Alfio Caltabiano
script Adriano Bolzoni
Alfio Caltabiano
production Nicola Venditti
music Daniele Pattucchi
camera Riccardo Pallottini
cut Mario Morra

Thy will be done, Amigo (original title: Così sia ) is a spaghetti western comedy from 1972, directed by Alfio Caltabiano . It was first performed in German-speaking countries on January 12, 1973.


Amen (whose real name is Horatio) seeks out his old companion from troubled times; Smith has now become the local priest and farrier. Amen wants back the $ 5,000 that Smith once stole from him, but who had just kept his promise to a dying man of God to build a church and take his place. In order to get his money anyway, Amen plans a bank robbery - after Smith had him thrown in prison for horse theft, Amen met the "professor" there. He's planning a bank robbery with him that will bring in half a million dollars; A senile old man, his grandchildren and a bartender should help. In the attempted implementation everyone tries to take advantage of everyone; the dollars that are ultimately stolen turn out to be forged. But then money is paid out as an insured sum, which Dorothy, the local teacher and niece of the professor, can finally snatch under the nail.


The lexicon of international films judged strictly negatively that it was a "(k) onfuse (n) spaghetti western, whose parodistic" intentions got stuck in cynicism, regular table humor and excessive violence. " Christian Keßler writes somewhat milder that it is" really a matter of taste, whether one pursues the presented attractions with pleasure or with a humble, indulgent expression. "Director Caltabiano's strength is not comedy. The Italian critics, however, praised the pleasant substance and the good design of the film.


In the original title, the hero's nickname is mentioned: Amen . Director Caltabiano is sometimes referred to as Alf Thunder . A sequel not shown in German-speaking countries was also produced, Oremus, Alleluja e Così Sia .

In Italy the film grossed a meager 117 million lire .

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