The John Doe case!

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Television series
German title The John Doe case!
Original title John Doe
John Doe (TV series) .jpg
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2002-2003
length 44 minutes
Episodes 21 in 1 season
genre Drama , mystery , thriller
idea Brandon Camp ,
Mike Thompson
music Danny Lux
First broadcast September 20, 2002 (USA) on Fox
first broadcast
October 30, 2003 on RTL

The John Doe case! (Original title: John Doe ) is an American television series from 2002.


A young man wakes up naked on an island and suffers from total amnesia . But he notices that he is color blind and has a strange mark on his chest. He also carries the entire knowledge of the world within himself. In the aftermath, he uses this to help the police hunt down criminals. He is driven to uncover his identity .

Red thread

The series revolves around the origins or identity of John Doe , as he calls himself, because he has retrograde amnesia and has not remembered anything since waking up on the island, including his name. He is called Tommy by Theresa, a person he can see in color and whom he seems to know from his past. Theresa also seems to be a person with special skills. The Phoenix Group is looking for something throughout the course of the series. In this search, the Phoenix Group u. a. High tech computer technology. Later, in addition to high-tech technologies, people with apparently psychic abilities are also used, who are supposed to help the Phoenix Group with the search through remote viewing . One of those people is Theresa. Ultimately, it is these remote viewers that bring John Doe on the trail of the hiding place of the Phoenix group.

Color blindness

John Doe has been color blind from his first memory. From time to time, however, he may see certain things or people in color. These things / people seem to have a special meaning and give clues about his past. No explanation is given in the series as to why John Doe can only see certain people in color. It is especially interesting that the people he sees in color over the course of the series obviously have nothing to do with each other. One of the pictures is that of a kidnapped girl that he helps find, a second is a photo of Digger's comrade in the war and the third is that of Theresa.


This group is mentioned in the second half of the series. What this group does, what purpose it serves or what its goal is remains largely unclear. A special feature of the Phoenix Group is that the members of this group only communicate in sign language. As it turns out later in the series, this serves to ensure that it cannot be overheard. The Phoenix Group is particularly interested in John Doe, who is referred to as "The Phoenix" by the leader of the group. Throughout the series, the Phoenix group is looking for a specific object. It turns out in the course of the series that this object is a kind of scepter, the headpiece of which represents a phoenix . As it turns out, this scepter is in a storage room at the Vatican.

What exactly the scepter is all about and what connection there is between the scepter and John Doe is not clearly explained in the series.

Another important thing about the Phoenix Group is that a department of the NSA has become aware of the group. In the final episodes of the series, there are several situations in which John Doe and an NSA agent work together. There is an agreement between this agent and John Doe that John Doe will help the NSA track down the Phoenix group and in return the NSA will help John Doe find out more about his past.


The series was canceled after a season with a cliffhanger from Fox without solving the underlying mystery of the series.

A brief resolution of the connection between John Doe and Phoenix, as well as John Doe's extensive knowledge, was later submitted in the series' official American forum and also in Entertainment Weekly :

John Doe was actually a completely normal person who was killed in a shipwreck and received the mark on his chest through a piece of metal. Because his mind then traveled to a spiritual place as a result of a near-death experience, where he was given all the knowledge of the world that he needed for the hereafter, he then also came to his comprehensive knowledge. But somehow afterwards he returned to the present world.

Phoenix therefore believed that John Doe was the Messiah and tried to protect him from a second group that wanted him dead.

How John Doe feels about Theresa was unfortunately not resolved in the episodes. Why he saw some objects / people in color that are apparently important to him and his past was not resolved either.

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