The Misstep (1961)

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German title The misstep
Original title Two loves
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1961
length 96 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Charles Walters
script Ben Maddow
production Julian Blaustein
music Bronislau caper
camera Joseph Ruttenberg
cut Frederic Steinkamp

The Misstep is a 1961 American film.


The film is set in New Zealand . Anna Vorontosov is a teacher who won the hearts of her students with new teaching methods. The school inspector Abercrombie is also in love with the young teacher. However, Anna is rather dismissive when it comes to advances by men. She is afraid of closeness and her own sexuality. Even the smart young teacher Paul Lathrope does not experience any reaction to his advances, although Anna also finds the young man very attractive. One day it turns out that 15-year-old Whareparita schoolgirl is pregnant. Anna is shocked, but is surprised to find that the girl's Māori family deals very naturally with the girl's pregnancy. Anna begins to rethink her own feelings and her own life. Shortly after each other, Whareparita's baby dies in childbirth and the beloved Paul Lathrope has a fatal accident with his motorcycle. Lathrope's death appears to have been suicide. Shortly before the funeral, Anna learns that Lathrope was the father of Whareparita's child. Anna now blames herself for the young man's death, because she had previously rejected him. Without their frigidity , Paul Lathrope could have lived. Only the sensitive and tender Abercrombie can convince her that she is not to blame for the actions of other people. Only now can she get involved in a relationship. Abercrombie is getting a divorce from his wife for her.


The film was shot in California and the Māori actors are not Māori, but Mexicans or residents of other Latin American countries. Whareparita is a Canadian - Japanese actress. The film was based on the novel Spinster by the New Zealand writer Sylvia Ashton-Warner .


"Folkloric interestingly illustrated, effectively staged film novel."


The film took part in the competition at the Berlin International Film Festival in 1961 , but did not receive any awards.

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