The man who sued God

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German title The man who sued God
Original title The Man Who Sued God
Country of production Australia
original language English
Publishing year 2001
length 97 minutes
Age rating FSK 6
Director Mark Joffe
script John Clarke
production Ben Gannon
Mark Joffe
music David Bridie
camera Peter James
cut Peter Barton

The Man Who Sued God is a 2001 Australian comedy film .


The boat of the fisherman Steve Myers is destroyed by lightning . He wants to have the damage reimbursed by the insurance company , but they refuse to pay with reference to force majeure (English "act of God"). Steve does not want to accept this assessment and decides against the resistance of his relatives and friends to sue God . As its representative, he is dragging the church to court. He receives support from the journalist Anna Redmond.

The court accepts the seemingly absurd motion. Anna mobilizes the media by sending Steve on a talk show . Anna and Steve also speak to other people who have been affected by force majeure. In the church there is increasing unrest because in the event of a legal defeat, immeasurable financial demands would arise on the representatives of God. If all the damage from acts of God was caused by God, the church has to pay for it - or make it clear that there is no God.

The case suddenly becomes more complicated when it turns out that the journalist has a personal thirst for revenge against the insurance industry. But Steve shocked the church officials by suddenly withdrawing the lawsuit. He points out that God led him to his great love.


In an interview, director Mark Joffe pointed out the direct reference to reality (“it's so grounded in reality”). Indeed, a few years after the film was released, there have been cases of God being sued in court.

  • In Romania Timişoara filed a murderer who was sentenced to twenty years imprisonment lawsuit against God one because of this with him in baptism a contract was concluded as a protector from evil. The court dismissed the lawsuit because God was not a legal person .
  • In Omaha , Senator Ernie Chambers sued the omnipresent God because God caused numerous catastrophes to harm many people and, according to the Bible , will continue to do so in the future. The senator wanted to show that it was possible to bring anyone to justice.


The film service sees "a fairy tale whose fun factor stands in stark contrast to the superficial handling of the script with its subject".


2002 nomination for the AFI Award of the Australian Film Institute

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