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the pilgrim - church newspaper of the Catholics in the diocese of Speyer

publishing company Peregrinus GmbH, Speyer
First edition January 1, 1848
Frequency of publication 38 times a year
Sold edition 12,251 copies
( IVW  Q2 / 2019)
Editor-in-chief Norbert Rönn
editor The Vicar General of the Diocese of Speyer
executive Director Marco Fraleoni
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Congratulations from Pope Pius XII. for the 100th anniversary (celebrated in 1950, since two years were canceled during World War II ).
Congratulatory letter from Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber , 1950

der pilger - church newspaper of the catholics in the diocese of Speyer is a publication of the catholic diocese of Speyer that appears in 38 issues per year . Until March 2014 it was published as a weekly newspaper under the shorter name “der pilger”, from 1848 to 1960 it was called “Der christliche Pilger” (up to year 110, 1960, no. 48).

Founded on January 1, 1848, it is older than the Osservatore Romano and thus the oldest diocese newspaper in Germany. It reports on church life in the diocese as well as on events in the universal church. There are also religious texts such as prayers and biblical interpretations, especially on the current Sunday gospels. In the entertainment section, the newspaper offers book and game tips, short stories, puzzles and recipes. Events and political events from the Catholic perspective are also regularly commented on.


The newspaper was founded under Bishop Nikolaus von Weis by the cathedral vicar and later cathedral capitular Franz Hällmeyer, who came from Bobenheim. The first edition appeared as “The Christian Pilgrim” on January 1, 1848. With the ultimate goal of “carrying the message of Christ”, the newspaper campaigned against poverty, social injustice and the abolition of child labor . Founded at the same time as the revolutions of 1848/1849 , it also took a clear political position against the class struggle, as formulated by Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto , and against the state church.

From January 8, 1848, the newspaper used a pilgrim drawing by the church painter Johann von Schraudolph in the cover picture, which remained unchanged until 1857. Over the decades, the drawing was subject to multiple changes.

During the Nazi era , the paper was banned in 1941 and the printing plant was compulsorily leased. Re-approved by the French military administration in the post-war period, the pilgrim was rebuilt by the chief editor Nikolaus Lauer in 1945.

From 1920 to 2009 the newspaper was published in the Speyer pilgrim printing house. Despite the political and economic crisis, the cathedral vicar and pilgrim editor Jakob Baumann succeeded in 1920, together with the later managing director Wilhelm Hogg senior. in the Kleine Pfaffengasse, in the neighborhood of the Episcopal Ordinariate, to set up a church printing house. In June 2009, however, the subsidiary Progressdruck GmbH felt compelled to file for bankruptcy at the Ludwigshafen district court . Progress printing was taken over by Pilger-Druckerei GmbH in Heidelberg in the 1970s and incorporated into its own Speyer company. As a result, new structures had to be created for the diocese newspaper. It has since been published by the newly founded publishing house Peregrinus GmbH, also in Speyer, which is wholly owned by the diocese.

From January 1, 2020, “the pilgrim” will receive its national pages from the central editorial office of the diocese publishing group in Osnabrück.

Magazine "der pilger - magazine for the journey through life"

On March 2, 2017, the quarterly nationwide magazine “der pilger - Magazin für die Reise durch Leben” was published for the first time with a print run of 100,000 copies and a volume of 140 pages. According to the publisher, this is a “mind style magazine with a Christian focus”. Among the authors of the magazine is the former Brigitte editor-in-chief Beatrix Kruse.


The fundraising campaign “Aktion Silbermöve”, founded in 1960, leads to donations of around one million euros annually.

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