Detlev von Ahlefeldt (1747–1796)

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Detlev von Ahlefeldt (born June 15, 1747 ; † 1796 ) was the Royal Danish Chamberlain and District Administrator.


Detlev von Ahlefeldt was the son of the noble landlord Johann Rudolph von Ahlefeldt (1712–1770) and his second wife Margaretha Ollegard (1717–1763) born. von Brockdorff , daughter of Detlev von Brockdorff, Herr auf Saxdorf , Neuhaus and Groß-Nordsee and his wife Dorothea geb. von Rantzau from Neuhaus. His first wife was Heilwig Conradine Countess von Ahlefeldt (* 1748) from the Eschelsmark house , from whom he divorced in 1778. On May 29, 1783, he married his second wife Georgine Juliane von Ahlefeldt (1764-1821), daughter of Siegfried Ernst von Ahlefeldt (1721-1792), Lord of Lindau . After Detlev von Ahlefeldt's death on June 28, 1796, she married the baron Ernst Eberhard Cuno Langwerth von Simmern . Both marriages had a son, Johann Rudolph von Ahlefeldt (1775–1848), who later married Charlotte von Ahlefeld , and Ernst Carl von Ahlefeldt (* 1785), lord of the estates of Oehe and Rögen.