German sauce

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Chicken with German Sauce

German Sauce ( Fr. Sauce allemande ) is a refined white basic sauce used in classic cuisine.

To prepare first is somewhat mushroom - and veal fond with yolk from the egg stirred frothy and then no more devious with hot, boiling basic sauce. Then the cream is stirred in and seasoned with a little lemon juice , white pepper and possibly nutmeg .

German sauce is served with light, steamed meat such as poultry , veal or lamb .


The German sauce forms the basis for further derivations:

  • Curry sauce (sauce au curry)
  • Capers sauce (Sauce aux capres)
  • Mustard sauce (sauce moutarde)
  • white herb sauce (Sauce aux fines herbes)
  • white mushroom sauce (Sauce aux champignons de Paris)
  • Horseradish sauce (raifort sauce).

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