The trail of horror

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German title The trail of horror
Original title Primeval
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2007
length 93 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Michael Katleman
script John D. Brancato ,
Michael Ferris
production Mitch Engel ,
Gavin Polone ,
Jamie Tarses
music John Frizzell
camera Edward J. Pei
cut Gabriel Wrye

The track of horror (Original title: Primeval ) is an American horror film by Michael Katleman from 2007 .


The film begins with a scene in which soldiers from a United Nations mission and an anthropologist look at a mass grave in Burundi . The scientist is suddenly attacked and killed by a being that the viewer cannot see.

The US reporter Tim Manfrey is organizing an expedition to the scene of the event, accompanied by his cameraman Steven Johnson, the reporter Aviva Masters, the animal expert Matt Collins and the crocodile hunter Jacob Krieg. The team meets contact man Harry in Burundi, who takes care of the new arrivals and warns them about the warlord Little Gustave . They travel on under the protection of the local soldiers. Steven Johnson observes and films the murder of the residents of a village, whereupon the expedition members are chased by the perpetrators.

The expedition comes across a large crocodile, called Gustave by the locals , against which the participants initially fight unsuccessfully. The local Jojo lets himself be locked in a cage as bait. The crocodile pulls it into the water; Jojo is saved at the last moment. A security guard tries to rape Masters and is killed by the crocodile.

Jacob Krieg is shot in the stomach by one of the security guards who work for Little Gustave . Under the influence of morphine, he admits that he wants to kill the crocodile because his wife is on her conscience. If the crocodile attacks again, he sacrifices himself in order to eliminate it with a hand grenade. However, the project fails. A little later, after other participants became victims of the crocodile or the killer, Harry turns out to be Little Gustave . He takes the members of the expedition prisoner and demands the surrender of the laptop with the saved record of the murder. Manfrey is supposed to lead Little Gustave to the hidden laptop and leads the warlord to the place where the crocodile is. Little Gustave is killed by the crocodile. Tim Manfrey, Aviva Masters and Jojo flee from the animal and travel to the United States. Gustave the crocodile lives and hunts on.


James Berardinelli wrote on ReelViews that a revision of the script, even the film idea, would do the film good. The director and most of the actors are known from television. The film “longs” for a “simple, thoughtless action film set in the jungle” like Anaconda and looks like two different direct-to-DVD productions that would fight for supremacy. Berardinelli scoffed at the end of wishing every two-legged man to die - “preferably with as much agony” as he himself suffered in the cinema (“By the end of the film, I was hoping everyone on two legs would die, preferably suffering as much on screen as I was in the audience ").

Dennis Harvey wrote in Variety magazine on Jan. 12, 2007 that the film was 55% Jaws and 45% Blood Diamond inspired. It is not particularly good, but also not bad and certainly not boring.

Cinema magazine wrote that the film was “a mercilessly bad mix of horror and civil war slaughter that is not worth five cents”. Nothing goes together; the dialogues are “to run away” - only the presentation by Jürgen Prochnow offers “top quality facial expressions”.

The Lexicon of International Films says: “Despite its political undertones, a monster film about a completely unoriginal beast, all too predictable. The only plus point of the genre infusion is the remarkably atmospheric camera work. "


The film was shot in South Africa . It opened in cinemas in the USA on January 12, 2007, and the German theatrical release followed on June 21, 2007. The film grossed around 15.3 million US dollars worldwide , including around 10.6 million US dollars in the USA cinemas.

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