Die Furche (weekly newspaper)

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The furrow
description Austrian weekly newspaper
publishing company DIE FURCHE Zeitschriften-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG.
First edition 1945
Frequency of publication weekly
Sold edition 11,244 copies
( ÖAK , 1st half of 2019)
Widespread edition 14,091 copies
(ÖAK, 1st half of 2019)
Editor-in-chief Doris Helmberger-Fleckl
editor Heinz Nussbaumer ,
Wilfried Stadler
Web link furche.at
ISSN (print)

Die Furche is an Austrian weekly newspaper .


The Furche was founded in 1945 by Friedrich Funder as a "cultural-political weekly". Its first edition appeared on December 1, 1945. From 1946 to 1955 it was called “Die Österreichische Furche” .

A program from September 1945 explains the naming and orientation of the newspaper, which was then being created:

" 'The Furrow'

is the name of the cultural-political weekly, the appearance of which is being prepared by our publishing house for the near future. It wants to be a furrow that has to open up the trampled soil of a promising seed.

A period of cultural destruction and the devaluation of all valid human values ​​has swept across our homeland and its environment. [...]

At this turning point, all responsible people have a share of work. Outlined in this way, our weekly also sees its tasks.

Open-minded, focused on current events, not party bound, affirming a healthy democracy, determined by Catholic principles,

it wants to pull its furrow through the ground to be cultivated.

The editor and his friends are encouraged to begin by trusting the creative forces of a living, hearty Christianity. [...] "

The newspaper is published by the publishing house Styria . The circulation sold in the first half of 2019 was 11,244 copies, a decrease of around 20% in the past five years (13,950 copies in the first half of 2015). The paper appears on Thursdays.

The furrow arose from a political camp with strong proximity to the Catholic Church : Due to the influence of the founder Friedrich Funder, who made himself known and earned a reputation as head of the Catholic-bourgeois Reichspost throughout Austria, the newspaper was initially understood as the successor to the Reichspost. The church's positioning changed fundamentally over the decades. Today Die Furche sees itself neither as a church newspaper nor as a mouthpiece for the Catholic Church. However, the religious discourse - not only related to Christianity - is a thematic focus of the newspaper.

In April 2017, the starting shot was given for the renewal of the online presence. Since then, Die Furche u. a. can also be found on Facebook and Twitter . "Die Furche" has also made a digital archive available since the end of October 2019; With the help of a "Navigator" current articles can be compared with others from the last 20 years. The Furche archive should ultimately make 90,000 paper pages digitally accessible.


  • In 2003, the Furche was awarded the Concordia Prize in the "Freedom of the Press" category.





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