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Imad El-Din Mohammed Abdel Moneim Fayed (born April 15, 1955 in Alexandria , † August 31, 1997 in Paris , France ), better known as Dodi Fayed or Dodi Al-Fayed , was an Egyptian film producer and entrepreneur .

Origin and first marriage

Dodi Al-Fayed's mother was the writer and journalist Samira Khashoggi , a sister of the arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi . In addition to his work as a film producer, the son of the Egyptian businessman Mohamed Al-Fayed was also the managing director of several hotels and companies. a. the Harrods chain of stores. On December 31, 1986, he married Suzanne Gregard, from whom he divorced after eight months.

Accidental death with Princess Diana

After her divorce from Prince Charles , Princess Diana and Fayed developed a love affair . In 1997 they died in a car accident in Paris . The circumstances were investigated by a UK jury in 2007. Dodi's father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, claims the British secret service MI5 was responsible for the deaths of Dodi and Diana.

2008 (Engl. The verdict of the commission of inquiry that Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed "unlawful killing" unlawfully killed ) were. She also found a gross breach of duty by Henri Paul , the driver of the accident vehicle. Prosecution of the paparazzi involved was ruled out following this judgment, as it is not possible to bring foreigners to a British court for a crime committed abroad.

Diana's sons accepted the verdict without reservation and thanked the participating judge and jury for their work. Mohamed Al-Fayed, however, continued to speak of a murder immediately after the verdict and reserved further legal action. However, his legal advisers stated in writing after the judgment that they would acknowledge the results. It was also recognized that there had been no efforts to cover up a pregnancy because it could not be proven by examinations and that the French emergency services were not part of a conspiracy intended to harm Diana. The conspiracy theory put forward again and again by Mohamed Al-Fayed thus turned out to be untenable. Eventually, Mohamed Al-Fayed accepted the jury's verdict.

Funeral and memorial

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Monuments to Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Al-Fayed, on the right the bronze statue in Harrods

Fayed was originally on the cemetery Brookwood , near Woking in the county of Surrey buried, but in October 1997 after Oxted reburied on the estate of his father.

His father Mohamed Al-Fayed had two memorials built for his son and Diana in the Harrods department store . The first was unveiled on April 12, 1998 and shows bronze-framed photos of the two behind a pyramid-shaped display case displaying a wine glass from their last dinner with traces of Diana's lipstick and a ring that Dodi Al-Fayed presented the day before had bought her demise. The second memorial was unveiled on September 1, 2005 and named Innocent Victims ( Innocent Victims ). A 3 meter high bronze statue shows Diana and Dodi on a Mediterranean beach, dancing under the wings of an albatross.

When Mohamed Al-Fayed sold the department store to Qatar Holding for a rumored £ 1.5 billion in May 2010 , the two memorials initially remained in place. In 2018 they were finally returned to Mohamed Al-Fayed. The bronze statue is now in the garden of his country estate in Surrey, Oxted.

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