Three Swedes on the Reeperbahn

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Original title Three Swedes on the Reeperbahn
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1980
length 79 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Walter Boos
script Georg Elmer
production Karl Spiehs
music Gerhard Heinz
camera Franco Mazzolini
cut Gisela Haller

Three Swedes on the Reeperbahn is a German sex and film pleasure game by Walter Boos .


In this last of the three Swedes films (1977–1980) from the Lisa film production by Karl Spiehs, six boarding school students are at the center of the plot, which moves from their unfamiliar wasteland near Hamburg, where their school is located Travel to the Elbe metropolis to really experience something there, on the sinful mile and in the entertainment district of St. Pauli. The three girls are Swedes and one of them, the pretty Lil, has got it into her head, her favorite teacher Dr. To seduce Heilmann, whom she has had an eye on for a long time. He's just visiting his very sexy, blonde friend Inga. Meanwhile, Kirsten and Moni, the other two girls, are strolling down the Reeperbahn, which promises excitement and a “big wide world” for the young women. The three Swedes found a place to sleep with Lil’s sister Rita, who allegedly works as a secretary for a Swedish import and export company in Hamburg. But for a secretary Rita lives an astonishingly luxurious existence and has just such an apartment. Nobody suspects at first that the well-built blonde works as a call girl for particularly well-heeled customers and offers herself to influential men, including an important politician.

Pit, Dicki and Atze, the German classmates of the three attractive Swedes, also want to finally shed their virginal horns on the sinful mile, as none of them has yet made a real stab in the ladies' world. Pit has got it into his head to conquer Lil, with whom he is in love, and therefore tries to prevent his beloved from getting involved with Heilmann. But at first she doesn't want to know anything about her classmate and even daydreams in her infatuation. In it she sees herself with Heilmann in the middle of the blackest Africa, surrounded by natives in loincloths, performing a sensual dance ... and all because one had just taken Kenya in geography class. Dicki, on the other hand, is not only called like that, he also looks like that. Unfortunately, this clumsy nerd always comes across a sailor whom he gets in the way on his adventures on St. Pauli. Kirsten and Moni, on the other hand, are ripped off in a night bar and now, in order to get money back, have to pull out in front of a veritable Hamburg senator. Soon, however, all the storylines finally come together, and Pit finally gets his Lil. The other two boys, Dicki and Atze, and the two remaining Swedes, Kirsten and Moni, also begin to show an interest in each other.

Production notes

Three Swedes on the Reeperbahn were filmed between March 11 and April 26, 1980 in Hamburg and (for a total of only around four minutes of film as part of the daydream sequence) in Kenya . The world premiere took place on August 8, 1980.

The production line had Otto W. Retzer . Rolf Albrecht took care of the equipment and designed the costumes.


"Extremely sloppy and silly 'entertainment film' that doesn't leave out any cliché."

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