ENK City Center

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ENK City Center
Basic data
Place: KosovoKosovo Pristina , Kosovo
Construction time : since August 8, 2008
Status : under construction
Architects : ANARCH (Kosovar architectural office)
Use / legal
Usage : Office, shopping, residential, hotel, wellness / spa, parking garage
Owner : ENK Invest Group
Client : Constructor
Property management : Investa Property Solutions
Technical specifications
Height : 165 m
Floors : 42
Usable area : 298,907 m²
Building material : Steel, concrete, glass
Building-costs: 400 million euros

The ENK City Center is a skyscraper under construction in the Kosovar capital Pristina , which has been under construction in the Lakërishte district since 2008 . When completed, the 165-meter-high building will be the tallest building in Pristina and Kosovo, and one of the tallest in Southeast Europe . The local population also calls it 42-katëshja ( German  the 42-story ).

Name and owner

The building is named after its owner, ENK Invest Group , a stock corporation based in Pristina. Founded under the name ENK INVEST as a limited liability company in 2006, the company first sought its success in participating in government bonds and in the privatization processes that are taking place in the country at the highest speed. In 2008 the company was renamed ENK Invest Group and was converted into a stock corporation. The construction company quickly found its place in the Kosovar economy and began the groundbreaking ceremony in 2008 for its first major project, which will also be the company's headquarters.


The ENK City Center building site is located southwest of Pristina city center, in the new Lakërishte business district . Important political institutions such as the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo , cultural institutions such as the University of Pristina with the National Library, the National Theater, the Youth Palace (Albanian Pallati i Rinisë ) and the headquarters of the country's largest companies such as PTK , the state energy supply company KEK . Pristina International Airport is about 15 kilometers to the southwest . And only a few hundred meters southwest is the new intersection-free junction of the city, where M-2 and M-9 intersect. Nearby, the national Autostrada R 7 connects Pristina with Albania .


The ENK City Center will be a multi-functional building complex with various uses. Three high-rise buildings, one of which is 165 meters high and 42 stories high, will surround a central “inner courtyard” that will be open to the street. With a glass facade and a lot of green, the building will catch your eye with its “untidy” and modern architecture. The six-storey underground car park ( called Parking and Storage in the project ) with a special monitoring system will take up the largest share of the total area with 108,903 m². This is followed by Administrative Center 2 with 79,945 m², the middle and at the same time tallest high-rise with a height of 165 meters. It will mainly house offices. With 40,953 m² shopping center (will Shopping Center ) occupy the first four floors of the entire building. In addition to internationally known shops, there will be restaurants, cafes, bars, children's and entertainment areas. The large supermarket will take up the lion's share of the shopping center. To the north of the high-rise office building, there will also be a 5-star hotel ( hotel ), which will cover an area of ​​26,618 m². And the third and last skyscraper south of the office building will consist exclusively of luxury apartments ( residential ) and occupy an area of ​​22,195 m². There will also be a spa , swimming pool and fitness center. Directly connected to the residential complex in the southwest, there will be another part of offices ( Administrative Center 1 ), which at 5,930 m² has less space than the central skyscraper. Mainly banks will be based here. The remaining 14,363 sqm fall on the landscaping ( Landscape ).

Construction work

The underground work began on August 8, 2008, and the concreting work began there in 2011. The client is the Croatian constructor based in Split , who has over 60 years of experience in the construction industry and, among other things, built the Franjo Tuman Bridge in Dubrovnik .


ENK Invest Group only had to pay 25 million euros for a building permit from the municipality of Pristina . In total, the total costs for the construction project are expected to amount to 400 million euros.

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Coordinates: 42 ° 39 ′ 24 ″  N , 21 ° 9 ′ 12 ″  E