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Eberhard Jürgen Wormer (born August 22, 1951 in Frankfurt am Main ) is a German medical journalist and author of popular scientific non-fiction books and guides.


Eberhard Wormer started playing the piano at an early age and graduated from the Private Jazz School Munich in 1978 ( Joe Haider ). From 1971 to 1978 he studied German, history and social studies for the teaching post at the grammar school at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich . He then completed a degree in medicine at the Technical University of Munich and the University of Regensburg . In 1985 he was licensed as a doctor. For his doctorate he worked on the manuscripts of Bavarian physicians (physics reports) from the 19th century as part of a descriptive study. In 1986 he completed his doctorate and worked as an assistant doctor in Nuremberg. He wrote for the medical publisher Urban & Schwarzenberg . In 1987 he started working as an editor at Medikon-Verlag. Wormer has worked as a freelance journalist and author since 1988.

From 2003 to 2005, Wormer worked for Eli Lilly on the subject of bipolar disorder and the atypical neuroleptic olanzapine . This collaboration resulted in a book, a commented online edition of the original text by Emil Kraepelin and specialist articles. From 2004 to 2008 he worked for Fresenius Biotech in the field of medical publishing (clinical studies, product monographs) for the polyclonal antibody ATG . Through this work he gained insights into all aspects of transplant medicine as well as historical and current global developments in this area.

One focus of Wormer's work since 1995 has been popular scientific publications on medical and scientific topics. He published guides and monographs on the subjects of medicine and health for general publishers. For the Lingen publishing house in Cologne Wormer acts as editor and author of health books for the mass market. He also works as a translator from English. Recently he has published books and contributions to discussions on medically controversial topics such as vitamin D , vitamin B12 , cardiac glycosides for the treatment of heart failure , homocysteine or the resistance problems of antibiotics .

Cultural work

In 1995 Wormer staged the two-person play Haie und Hasen ( Seascape with sharks and dancer ) by the US playwright Don Nigro in his own translation at the Kunsthof Türkenhof in Munich . The main actors were Johanna S. Gordon and Christian A. Koch . In 1996 he staged the monological one-act play Cincinnati by Don Nigro, also in his own translation, which was shown in Freiburg and Munich.

Until 1989 he also worked as a professional musician, mainly as a pianist in various musical genres and formations. In 1993 he directed and produced the song contest The True Grand Prix in Munich. Since 2011 he has been involved in a Munich classic rock project as a producer and keyboardist.

Prizes and awards

  • AZ Star of the Week 1995
  • Bipolar Media Prize 2002
  • Bipolar Media Prize 2003
  • Media Prize Bipolar 2004

Works (selection)

  • Everyday life and life cycle of the Upper Palatinate in the 19th century. Reconstruction of rural life according to the physics reports of the regional court doctors 1858–1861 . New series of publications by the Munich City Archives, Munich 1988, Miscellanea Bavarica Monacensia, Volume 114, ISBN 3-87821-268-2
  • Cardiology syndromes and their creators . With a foreword by E. Miles Vaughan Williams. Medikon, Munich 1989, ISBN 3-923866-28-3
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  • Bipolar. Depression and mania. Life with extreme emotions . Knaur, Munich 2002, ISBN 3-426-66748-7
  • More knowledge about ... stem cells . Lingen, Cologne 2003, ISBN 978-3-937490-00-7
  • Organ donation. Life saving transplant . Lingen, Cologne 2010, ISBN 978-3-941118-50-8
  • Vitamin D . Kopp, Rottenburg 2014, ISBN 978-3-86445-159-1
  • Strophanthin. Heart drug comeback . Kopp, Rottenburg 2015, ISBN 978-3-86445-229-1
  • with Stephen Harrod Buhner, Green Antibiotics . Mankau, Murnau 2015, ISBN 978-3-86374-224-9
  • Vitamin B12 . Kopp, Rottenburg 2017, ISBN 978-3864454622
  • with Johann A. Bauer, Fibromyalgia. The solution to the pain problem . Kopp, Rottenburg 2018, ISBN 978-3-86445-545-2
  • Good cholesterol - bad homocysteine . Herba Press, Aschaffenburg 2019, ISBN 978-3-946245-06-3


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