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Edda Loges (July 2012)

Edda Loges (born May 1, 1942 in Bremen ) is a German actress and radio play speaker .


Edda Loges grew up in Bremen's Ostertor and in Bremen- Findorff . She completed three years of acting classes at the Waldau Theater and took acting classes from Dorothea Constanz from the Oldenburg State Theater . During this time she learned the Low German language from Heinrich Schmidt-Barrien . In the meantime, the actress has changed the timbre of the Bremer Low German against the Elbe tongue.

Loges was an ensemble member of the Waldau-Theater in Bremen- Walle for around 27 years from 1964 to 1991 . So here she was the Belinda in Jonny Belinda and in De geschnögte petrol station first the Dolly and later the reporter Ellen as well as the Elsbe in Mudder Mews and the Dürten in De ruge Hoff .

After saying goodbye to the Waldau Theater, Loges returned twice in Low German productions on the Bremen stages. For the Low German ensemble bremen (peb) she played a piece in Marie Christine that was recorded by Radio Bremen and broadcast by 3sat and NDR . She later appeared in the one-person piece Spätlese .

In 1986 and 1987 she was "the steadfast Fraulein Marie " at the Jever Festival , who ruled the Jever rulership in the 16th century.

From 1992 to 1994 she also took part in cabaret programs in the Glocke for the Bremer Eiswette .

Loges has been playing at the Ohnsorg Theater in Hamburg since 1997 , where she began her career with one of the leading roles in Seemann pass op .

Loges played on stage and on television as well as on the radio in various radio plays at WDR , NDR and Radio Bremen a . a. in the series Kastendiek and Bischoff as Edda Kastendiek in 426 (!) episodes and Die Schipperkids in ten episodes.
As a singer, she also gave 89 concerts in northern Germany with songs based on poems by Hermann Claudius .

Loges is married, has two daughters and has lived in Hamburg since the late 1990s.

Movie and TV

  • Art Nouveau vase , director: Bruno Jonas
  • The Winter House , directed by Hilde Lehrmann
  • Not from bad parents , director: Rainer Boldt
  • Participation in 27 television recordings of theater plays by ZDF, ARD and NDR


  • 2017: resumption; Landeier - Buer söcht Fro
  • 2017: resumption; Tüdelig in'n Kopp - When Grandma got strange
  • 2017: Arsenic un ole great
  • 2016: Tüdelig in'n Kopp - When grandma got strange
  • 2015: Landeier - Buer söcht Fro
  • 2015: Dat Narrenhuus and Hartlich welcomed
  • 2014: Puss in Boots and Gode Ghosts
  • 2013: Whole guys, white splendor and once again defected
  • 2012: Grandpa was sold, Lütt Paris
  • 2011: Witte Pracht, Rutficht
  • 2010: Allns op Krankenschien, De first Violien
  • 2009: De Kaktusblööt, De Lüüd vun´n Lehmpott, caviar and lentils
  • 2008: the blue angel
  • 2007: Huusmann & Co, Swatte Hochtiet
  • 2006: The Wizard of Oz, Allens op Anfang, De flegen Holländer, Slammslacht
  • 2005: Mr. Puntila and his servant Matti, De Vetter ut Dingsda, Keen Geld för Dösbaddels
  • 2004: Dat tweet Fröhjohr, Jümmer op de Lütten
  • 2003: Urmel aus dem Eis, An de Eck vun´t Paradies, Hannes sien Glück, Een Fall för´t Himmelbett
  • 2002: Mrs. Holle, Keen Utkamen with dat Inkamen, De Reis na Cape Town
  • 2001: De Widows Club
  • 2000: Minsch sein mut de Minsch, Große Freiheit No. 7
  • 1999: Dat blau Wunner
  • 1998: Sterntaler
  • 1997: De Muusbuck, Seemann paß op, late harvest
  • 1993: Marie Christine
  • 1990: Us lütte city
  • 1989: Keen Utkamen mit'n Inkamen, Dat eternal Hen and Her
  • 1988: Where is Lisa, men to´n try out
  • 1987: Maya the Bee, Mudder Mews, För de Katt, De ruge Hoff, Maria von Jever
  • 1986: Puss in Boots, Pippi Longstocking, Maria von Jever, Een Dood is in the works
  • 1985: To´n Düvel with sex, Dree Jungfern and a man
  • 1984: Loop ain't worse off, Dat Kuckucksei, Koornblomen for the Smuskater. De amused gas station, master Eder and his Pumuckl
  • 1983: Petroleum in Poppenbüttel, Johannesfüer, Konrad or The child from the can, Mannslüüd sünd ok blots Minschen
  • 1982: De Kortenleggersch, Öwerall is Kreinhörn, Nachtvagels, De rode Ünnerrock, De Windfahn
  • 1981: De Ole Zoff, Oliver Twist, De Trallen, Dat Hörrohr
  • 1980: Jonny Belinda, Fischer un sin Froo, Viola
  • 1979: Huckleberry Finn, Dat Speel von de hilligen dree König, Dat lewenslängliche Kind, De verflixte Strump
  • 1978: Tom Sawyer, Mudder is de beste, De wilde Auguste, Fischerstraat 15
  • 1977: Dat kummt all'ns anners as you think, Een Utgangsdag, spectacle about Roswitha
  • 1976: Willem his will, In Luv un Leev love, The Canterville ghost, Klävemann spat Lewemann, Dat embarrassment child
  • 1975: The Testament, The courtship 1910 and 1970, Hafenmelodie, Een Milljonär in´t Huus
  • 1974: Rasmus and the tramp, De Wieberhoff, Dat Dokterbook, De Glückspilz, De Fro Adriana, witch's comedy, Where is Lisa
  • 1973: Smuggeltied, De geschnögte gas station, honeymoon, Kiek mal wedder rin, Michel and Micaela
  • 1972: Schneeweißchen and Rosenrot, Spöök in´t Slott, Öwerfall in Lüttjenbüttel
  • 1971: De Reis na Helgoland, Fro Pieper is playing dangerously, Thea Witt is not involved
  • 1970: Puss in Boots, Master Anecker, spa guest bi Trine Wipsch, Krach bi Fiete Schach, Ole Leev nich
  • 1969: The Frog King, Snieder Nörig, As de Olen sungen
  • 1968: Swienskomödi
  • 1967: Who hett, de hett
  • 1966: Sleeping Beauty, De Spökenkiekersch, The Well Maker's Daughter
  • 1965: The Bremen Town Musicians, Bremer Bilderbogen, Jonny de Drütte
  • 1964: Mrs. Holle

Individual evidence

  1. Source: biography of the artist; As of February 2015.

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