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Eduard Gitsch (born August 3, 1920 in Wels ; † May 19, 2013 in Vienna ) was an Austrian gynecologist .


Eduard Gitsch was the son of the lawyer Wilhelm Max Gitsch and his wife Maria. He studied at the medical faculty of the University of Vienna, where he received his doctorate in medicine in 1944, with interruptions due to the war . After serving in the military and being a prisoner of war in the Second World War , he returned home in August 1945 and began his training as a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics after completing the regular training at the II. University Women's Clinic in Vienna, the renowned clinic where Ernst Wertheim once worked . There he became a university assistant in 1955 and, after research stays at Duke and Harvard universities , he received his habilitation in 1959 . 1966 Eduard Gitsch became extraordinary professor appointed and finally to 1968 professor called the First University Hospital in Vienna. Eduard Gitsch held this chair until November 1, 1990. During this time, in addition to promoting the general subject of gynecology and obstetrics and its developing subdisciplines, he devoted himself particularly to the surgical treatment of female genital cancer in the tradition of Friedrich Schauta , who was one of his early predecessors as full professor at the I. University Women's Clinic. Gitsch was a member of the Supreme Medical Council from 1979 to 1991 . After his retirement , Gitsch became involved as Vice President (1990–1995) and President (1996–2001) of the Rudolfiner Association - Red Cross for numerous structural and medical improvements in the area of ​​the Rudolfinerhaus private hospital in the 19th district of Vienna . In 2002 he was made honorary president for his services to the Rudolfiner Association and the Rudolfinerhaus. Gitsch was buried at the Grinzinger Friedhof (group 30, row 1, number 33).


Eduard Gitsch wrote over 300 publications in scientific journals , 211 of which are recorded in the PubMed Meta-Database , as well as numerous book chapters, a monograph and an operational atlas translated into several languages.

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Gitsch was President of the Austrian Society for Gynecology and Obstetrics on several occasions, and several international societies for gynecology and obstetrics made him an honorary member, including the Polish, Italian and Hungarian. Since 1986 he has been a member of the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina , Royal Academy voor Geneeskunde van Belgiè and the New York Academy of Sciences . In 1990 Gitsch received the Cardinal Innitzer Prize for the Promotion of Science.

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