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Eleonoro Aronne (born May 9, 1799 in Serrone , † April 3, 1887 in Montalto delle Marche ) was an Italian bishop of the Roman Catholic Church .


On December 22, 1821, Eleonoro Aronne received the sacrament of ordination . He was born on 20 November 1826 by the University of La Sapienza for a doctor of theology and on 4 February in 1842 by the same university to Doctor iuris utriusque doctorate . Then he was professor of theology at the seminary in his home diocese of Palestrina and apostolic auditor in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies . He entered the service of the Curia on July 28, 1841 as consultor of the Congregation for Bishops and Regulars . On February 22, 1842, Eleonoro Aronne was appointed vicar general of the suburbicarian diocese of Palestrina.

Pope Gregory XVI appointed him on July 22, 1842 titular bishop of Lystra . He was ordained bishop on September 11th of the same year by Cardinal Bishop of Palestrina Vincenzo Macchi ; Co-consecrators were the Bishop of Anagni , Vincenzo Annovazzi , and the Bishop of Ferentino , Antonio Benedetto Antonucci . Pope Pius I appointed him Bishop of Montalto on December 21, 1846 and Papal Assistant to the Throne on January 8, 1847 .


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