Emanuel Büchel

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Birseck Castle , drawn by Emanuel Büchel in 1754
" Klein Riehen " in the Baroque period, copper engraving by Johann Rudolf Holzhalb after Emanuel Büchel, 1752

Emanuel Büchel (born August 18, 1705 in Basel ; † September 24, 1775 there ) was a Swiss baker , draftsman , topographer and watercolorist . Above all, he drew the botany and views of his home region of Basel.

Büchel's work is of great value for Basel's art history and knowledge of botany around Basel. His drawings, made between 1735 and 1775, show the city of Basel and its surroundings in detail. The copperplate engravings made from it show the appearance of the old city and the Basel landscape .

Emanuel Büchel was a sought-after illustrator for the city government and was commissioned in 1770 to copy the Basel Dance of Death and put it on paper, which was then canceled in 1805.

One street in Basel's St. Alban district and one in the municipality of Pratteln are named after Emanuel Büchel . A circular hike called Büchel-Weg was realized on Büchel's 300th birthday by the Pratteln Beautification Association in 2005, based on the idea of ​​the Pratteln Culture Commission.


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