Erhard Schrempp

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Erhard Schrempp (born November 2, 1910 in Gengenbach , † August 29, 1971 in Offenburg ) was a German CDU politician .

Schrempp, son of a master wagoner , had two brothers and a sister. In his youth he belonged to the Catholic youth movement , the Kolping family and the Windthorstbund . After attending the elementary and community school in Gengenbach, he learned his father's profession. During his time as a journeyman, he traveled through Germany , Austria , Switzerland and France . In 1934 he took over his father's business, a year later he passed the master's examination at the master school in Kaiserslautern . Shortly after the start of the Second World War , he was drafted into the army , from 1942 he was part of a pioneer unit that operated in Russia and Finland .

In 1945, at the end of the war, he returned to Gengenbach. In his hometown he participated in the founding of the local association of the Badisch-Christian-Social People's Party (BCSV), which later became part of the CDU. After a short time as a city councilor, he was elected mayor of Gengenbach in 1946. In this office he was confirmed several times, he held it until his death. He was also the district chairman of the Association of Baden Municipalities and was a member of the district council of the Offenburg district , where he also served as a district councilor. In 1960 he founded a working group for historical research and monument preservation, where he held the office of second chairman. Also in 1960 he was elected to the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg for the first time . In the elections in 1960 , 1964 and 1968 he won the direct mandate in the Offenburg constituency . In 1969 he fell seriously ill, so that he had to give up his work with the study group. In 1970 he also resigned his state parliament mandate, which was taken over by Robert Ruder . Schrempp died on August 29, 1971 in the Josefskrankenhaus in Offenburg, three days later, on September 1, he was buried in the Gengenbach cemetery.

Schrempp was married to Klara Katharina Hermann from 1942. The couple had two sons and a daughter.

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