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Ernst Friedrich Joseph Walz (born July 19, 1859 in Heidelberg ; † December 18, 1941 there ) was a German lawyer and politician. From 1913 to 1928 he was Lord Mayor of Heidelberg. Because of his later successor in office and nephew Ernst Walz , he is sometimes called "Ernst Walz I."


The son of Heidelberg professor of pharmacology, Georg Friedrich Walz , was first mayor (1886–1913; re-elected for the third time in 1904) and was subsequently mayor of Karl Wilcken from 1913 to 1928. From 1919 to 1928 he was chairman of the Baden city association.

Several incorporations ( Wieblingen , Rohrbach , Kirchheim ), the development of Weststadt, Atzelhof and Pfaffengrund fall during his term of office . The Castle Festival was also new at the time.

In 1900 he completed his habilitation on Baden road law and became an associate professor at the Law Faculty of Heidelberg University .


In 1926 he was made an honorary citizen of the city and an honorary senator of the university on the occasion of his 40th anniversary in office.

The Ernst-Walz-Brücke is today one of the five Heidelberg bridges over the Neckar . It connects the districts of Bergheim and Neuenheim (new university campus). It was opened to traffic on April 14, 1928 as the third bridge in the cityscape bearing his name. During the National Socialist era , it was temporarily renamed after Paul Hindenburg .

Honorary grave of the former mayor of Heidelberg, located in the Heidelberg mountain cemetery

In the mountain cemetery, the tomb designed by his son-in-law Renzo Giulini with an allegorical frieze in a sandstone slab commemorates him and his wife Margarethe, née. Becker (1866-1932). The figures in the frieze stand for family, love, faith, art, piety and justice. The inscription once read: Mors utriusque vitae media . ("Dying between two forms of life" or more literally: "Dying / death is the middle between both lives")


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