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Esaias Reusner the Elder (also Reussner , * in the 1st quarter of the 17th century, probably in Silesia ; † between 1660 and 1680 in Silesia) was a German composer and lutenist .

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The date and place of birth of Esaias Reusner could not yet be determined by music historical research; Nothing is known about his early days and his training either. He was the father of the lutenist Esaias Reusner the Younger (1636–1679) and lived in the month of his son's birth (April 1636 ) together with his wife Blandina, née Reich, in the Silesian Löwenberg (today Lwówek Śląski in Poland ). It is not yet certain that he was related to the poet and historian Elias Reusner (1555 - around 1615), who also lived in Löwenberg, and his brother, the legal scholar Nikolaus von Reusner . The family moved after the death of Esaias' Mrs Blandina 1645 to Breslau , and at least until this year he was before lutenist at the Prince Heinrich Wenzel of "Buestat" in Silesia ( Bernstadt , today Bierutów, Poland).


Esaias Reusner the Elder is considered to be the author of a collection of around 100 Protestant chorales that was published in Wroclaw in 1645; the pieces are set for the lute and notated in French lute tablature .


  • Musical pleasure garden, that is Mr. D. Martini Lutheri, as well as other godly men (devoted to the Pure Augspurgic Confession) sacred church and house songs (Breslau 1645), 98 Protestant chorals set for the lute.

Literature (selection)

  • K. Koletschka: Esaias Reusner father and son and their chorale arrangements for the lute. A parallel , in: Festschrift for A. Koczirz, edited by R. Haas and J. Zuth, Vienna and others 1930, pages 14-17

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